After a long day, there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to sip on to unwind and relax. With more and more millennials venturing out into tea spaces beyond their granny’s old Lipton brew, it’s important to know the different types of tea available for your brewing pleasure. 

Whether you prefer bagged tea or loose brew, consider checking out these 50 black-owned tea brands across the country next time you’re in the mood to put the kettle on the stove.

1. LaRue 1690

Inspired by her many travel experiences, Stephanie Sinclair created LaRue 1690 in 2020. The culmination of her bougie lifestyle, her love for jazz music, and luxury travel, her collection of loose leaf tea blends encompass the many destinations she’s visited.

2. Cured Leaves Tea


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Seeing tea as a lifestyle, Cured Leaves Tea was created as a space for repetitive success, healthier living, and better mental wellness for their customers. A socially conscious company, this brand fosters the idea of universal growth and community connection for all one cup at a time.

3. Steep & Sip Teas


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Dedicated to teaching people ways to heal their bodies naturally, the Phoenix, AZ-based company Steep & Sip Teas created loose leaf tea and tisanes blends. Their blends are custom made to help heal with the herbs from the Earth that have been tested by certified professionals to ensure the quality of each ingredient.

4. Golden Flourish

After watching generations of women take care of others and neglect themselves growing up in Jamaica, Golden Flourish founder Rachel found herself doing the same as she matured into adulthood. She created Golden Flourish as an ode to self-care with hopes that more women would experience her tea blends and, with each sip, see the value in taking care of themselves.

5. Hella Tea


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Located in Oakland, black woman-owned tea company Hella Tea is rooted in Hip Hop as its various blends pay homage to many artists in Hip Hop culture. Specializing in artisanal tea blends, Hella Tea honors the Bay Area and aims to offer an international tea experience to overlooked and underserved demographics.

6. TeaLee’s Tea Co.

A tea house and bookstore located in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood, TeaLee’s Tea Co. offers an unforgettable experience with a multitude of tea blends for guests to choose from. They have an afro-centric vibe with a diverse menu that includes not only tea but other food and drinks as well.

7. INI Sips

With over 40 flavors of tea, husband and wife-owned INI Sips expanded their products and services during the pandemic to ensure they could still serve their community. Since opening their first shop in Connecticut in 2020, INI Sips has given away more than 350 pounds of coffee and donations to their community as they continue to expand beyond the New Britain area. 

8. Levitea


A believer in tea’s healing properties, Levitea founder Tynisha Lomax created the brand hoping to introduce the Delaware area and beyond to the amazing things tea culture can provide. Levitea blends undergo a five-step approval process and are tested for aroma, flavor, body, mouthfeel & overall tea quality before being sold.

9. Kemiyah’s Tea

Reaffirming that tea has a way of making you feel good about yourself, Kemiyah’s Tea is filled with love and magic. Based in Tampa, FL, this company hopes to provide a gateway to positive energy as customers enjoy their diverse array of herbal blends including green, black, and tropical flavored teas.

10. Just Add Honey Tea Company

Created by tea lovers for tea lovers, just add honey tea company has a variety of sophisticated, fun flavors that are pleasing to any palate. Founded by an auntie and niece duo in Atlanta, this family-owned company aims to provide the freshest, most flavorful blends tea lovers dream of.

11. Kye Teahouse


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Established on the foundation of returning to nature, Kye Teahouse was created by Kori Koto who came from a long line of herbalists. Located in Hawaii, Kye Teahouse’s blends are locally grown on the island and handpicked at their height of freshness to give the freshest tea experience possible.

12. Umami Tea


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Founded in 2008 by a tea enthusiast, Umami Tea was created to provide a unique tea experience for consumers. Over a decade later, this brand has been embraced by tea lovers both in Richmond, VA and around the world.

13. Good Thoughts Tea Co.


Located in Chicago, Good Thoughts Tea Co. was created to help people heal from the inside out. An all-natural loose leaf company, Good Thoughts Tea Co. hopes to strike up a new conversation around tea and the healing properties of herbs.

14. Tea’s Me


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A local favorite in Indianapolis, Tea’s Me Cafe offers a plethora of loose leaf tea blends while also being a reassuring force in their community. Purchased by four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Tamika Catchings in 2017, this cafe is a community stable that not only provides good food and drinks but also aims to add programming and events to the community around it.

15. BLK & Bold

Founded by two black men, BLK & Bold was created to inspire young people to incorporate a cup of coffee or tea into their daily routine. BLK & Bold pledges five percent of its profits to initiatives dedicated to sustaining youth programming, workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness.

16. Soulcentricitea


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Based in Louisville, KY, Soulcentricitea is a black-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned company that caters to any type of tea drinker. They offer a variety of tea blends including fruity, herbal, and earthy flavors and are currently raising funds to open a brick and mortar location in Kentucky.

17. Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care Beauty Teas

A Louisiana based company, Andrelle’s Natural Skin Care Beauty Teas offers two tea blends dedicated to detoxing the body and beautifying the skin. If you’re looking for an extra boost to your skin care regimen, their blends may be exactly what you’re looking for.

18. Ivy’s Tea Co

Ivy’s Tea Co. creates hand-blended herbal teas and infused honey for the adult tea drinker. Created by Shanae Jones or ‘Tea Bae’, Ivy’s Tea Co. aims to change the way tea drinkers are viewed and introduce more holistic healing practices to urban communities through tea consumption.

19. TheTéSpa


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Created with hopes their blends will make consumers more healthy and kind, TheTéSpa was inspired by creativity and a love for family. Originally created with herbs from her own garden, owner Alexis Jones hopes to inspire the world with her blends one brew at a time.

20. Bea’s Wellness Teas

Named after her grandmother Beatrice, Bea’s Wellness Teas was created after its owner began using herbal remedies to treat her many illnesses. The brand now encourages others to use herbal teas as a healing method to treat illnesses like diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, pericarditis, and more.

21. Heritage Tea Blends

Aiming to share generations of family traditions, blends, and recipes with the world, Minnesota-based Heritage Tea Blends uses real ingredients and purpose-driven production to create incredible loose leaf blends.

22. Soul Food Holistic Healing

Soul Food Holistic Healing was created to feed your mind, body, and soul. Created in 2020, this brand provides fresh, high-quality tea blends that are perfect for any occasion.

23. Teatopia


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A tea room located in St. Louis, MO, Teatopia is a place where all are welcomed. With over 80 different blends of tea and a variety of other food and drink, this tea house is the perfect place to unwind or to connect for a meeting.

24. MentaliTEAS


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A place where premium beverages and the healing properties of tea meet, MentaliTEAS was created as a mass mental health solution, believing that drinking tea supports positive mental attitudes for all.  A family-oriented brand, MentalitiTEAS provides quality blends in an authentic space for everyone to enjoy.

25. Tranquili-tea Organic

Established in Las Vegas in 2018 by a mother-daughter duo, Tranquili-tea Organic was founded with the busy woman in mind. Hoping to provide rest and relaxation after a long day with a cup of tea, Tranquili-tea Organic provides gluten-free, vegan tea blends that are organic and zero waste.

26. TeaFèy Infusions


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Inspired by her Haitian roots, TeaFèy Infusions creator Walda grew up watching her grandmother use ‘fey’ or dried plants to cure ailments. Hoping to teach others how to cure themselves naturally, TeaFèy Infusions encourages using the magic of plant botanicals through tea consumption.

27. Spouts

Living by the phrase ‘what happens around the teapot, stays by the teapot’, New Jersey company Spouts was created after its owner realized the healing properties of herbal tea blends. The herbal tisane blend company now offers a variety of flavors each enhancing the tea experience of the consumer.

28. Um'Licious Me


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After receiving rave reviews on her custom tea blends at events, Um’Licious Me owner Christina decided to share her guiltless pleasure with the world. The brand offers a variety of tea box sets as well as a herbal blend and coffee.

29. Brooklyn Tea


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Seeking to create an escape for their customers, Brooklyn Tea hopes to be a part of tea history! Their blends create an authentic tea experience for tea drinkers of all ages and backgrounds.

30. Jeddah’s Tea


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While blending custom herbal teas, North Carolina company Jeddah’s Tea aims to empower their community and create social equity for all. This community-inspired company is dedicated to creating a safe space for all regardless of race, creed, and religion.

31. Mother Nurture Wellness

Believing that Earth is the ultimate nurturer, Mother Nurture Wellness is founded on the principle that herbal teas provide a variety of health benefits. With specially curate tea blends specifically for wellness, these teas combine excellent flavor with herbs and medical extracts for the perfect bedside treat.

32. E&E Tea Co.


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An Ohio company owned by a husband and wife duo, E&E Tea Co. strives to create flavorful and simple products that keep customers happy. They pride themselves on transparency and provide their customers with educational resources on the herbal teas they are ingesting and how it benefits their bodies.

33. Joseph’s Tearoom

Founded by a couple in 2021, Joseph’s Tearoom represents the couple’s wellness, healthy living, and community. Dedicated to using all-natural ingredients, the Florida tearoom offers a multitude of flavors and brews for customers to choose from. 

34. Aesthete Tea


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Created in 2017, Aesthete Tea understands that life is about more than just tea. Through their efforts, Aesthete Tea aims to bridge gaps in the community through programming that promotes a more conscious way of living. 

35. Oya Tea Co


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With teas sourced from Kenya and Malawi, Oya Tea Co.’s products were formulated to ease your sorrows during life’s storms. Their products are designed to increase your quality of life and help with the side effects associated with some ailments and illnesses. 

36. The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop

Using her platform to celebrate Black culture, The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop creator Amber Jackson creates her tea blends by hand herself. From spice-based and fruity flavors to calming tea experiences, The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop blends the ingredients necessary to fill your cup with excitement and warmth. 

37. Cup’ital Tea


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A black woman-owned business, Cup’ital Tea crafts loose leaf and herbal tea blends with love and care. Created with minimal flavorings and all-natural ingredients, Cup’ital Tea hopes that through the love for tea their customers share new experiences and spread health and wellness. 

38. Jayida Ché Herbal Tea Spot

Located in Atlanta, Jayida Ché Herbal Tea Spot is a black-owned, aunt and niece-owned tearoom that serves quality, fair-trade loose leaf tea blends. With its name meaning ‘good tea’, Jayida Ché was created to make a better cup of tea through communi-tea engagement, self-care, and self-development. 

39. My Cup of Tea


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Dedicated to changing the lives of women, My Cup of Tea is a nonprofit organization that imports tea from the East to America where the women they employ are able to gain life skills and training while packaging tea. Located in the Orange Mound community in Tennessee, the oldest African American community in America, My Cup of Tea is changing lives one tea leaf at a time. 

40. MaraBette & Co.

The tea blends from MaraBette & Co. were created with hospitality, family, and comfort in mind. Their loose-leaf blends are small-batch tested with ingredients sourced from estates with generations of experiences in tea growing, making for a familiar and comforting drinking experience. 

41. Eldo Tea


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An enterprise owned by smallholder farmers in Nandi County in the Republic of Kenya, Eldo Tea Enterprises seeks to bring their country’s most special teas to the world including Kenyan White and Purple teas. The brand values authenticity and sustainability and employs over 3,000 farmers in Africa. 

42. Lady Rose Specialty Teas

Virginia-based company Lady Rose Specialty Teas was created to help customers take back control of their bodies. Inspired by self-care, culture, sisterhood, and self-love, Lady Rose Specialty Teas’ herbal infusions and tea products promote holistic wellness and provide an alternative to toxic products.

43. Modestine

Named after her grandmother, Modestine tea company owner Laura grew up around tea ceremonies and watching her grandma blend herbs. Years later, everything came full circle and, through her tea company, she hopes to inspire communities over cups of her tea. 

44. Tea Please


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Your sweet tooth dreams in a cup, Tea Please is a dessert-flavored loose leaf company that strives to cater to the dessert lover. Hoping to provide an alternative to sugary, fatty desserts, Tea Please is naturally sweetened with real fruit and nuts to satisfy your cravings. 

45. Drink Our Hi-G

Created by its founder to honor her late father, Drink Our Hi-G was inspired by Caribbean roots and the healing properties of herbs. They offer a variety of teas and tisanes products that are handcrafted and designed to address multiple health issues. 

46. Teas With Meaning


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Based in Oakland, Teas With Meaning was created after its founder survived a brain tumor and cancer and sought to educate more people on the healing benefits of tea. The brand offers more than 20 different tea blends that cater to both holistic healing and relaxation needs. 

47. MoreFya Herbal Blends

MoreFya Herbal Blends produces both herbal teas and herbal smoke blends to mix with your cannabis. Their tasty tea blends not only taste good to your body but they leave you feeling calm and stress-free. 

48. Elevated Tea Co.

Created by a team of serious self-care advocates, Elevated Tea Co. produces CBD teas that allow their users to tap into relaxation like never before. 

49. Adjourn Teahouse


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A black woman-owned teahouse, Adjourn Teahouse encourages its customers to pause and reflect as they enjoy their cup of tea. Their loose-leaf blends are sustainable and house-made.  

50. Greenhouse Tea

A family-owned tea company, Greenhouse Tea was founded after its owner begin using green tea as a remedy for their son’s ADHD. The company was born to help others use tea as an alternative form of medicine.