50 In 50: Black Male Travel Influencers To Follow From Country To Country
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Ime Umoh

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Ime Umoh

50 In 50: Black Male Travel Influencers To Follow From Country To Country

50 In 50
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 17, 2021

Representation matters because not only does it bring a different perspective to the table, but it shapes and influences how we see ourselves.

That’s why we created this list of some of the most influential Black male travel influencers who are paving the way for a safe space for Black travelers.


Karl Shakur: Instagram @karl_shakur

With more than 500K followers on Instagram, Karl Shakur describes himself as an “adventurous storyteller.”

He travels to some pretty cool places while capturing moments you only dream about.


2. Nathan Fluellen: Instagram @worldwidenate

Nathan Fluellen is originally from Chicago and now spends his time traveling the globe and documenting his adventures through social media and his online travel show.

He is a self-proclaimed adventure enthusiast, who hopes to inspire readers and viewers with a ton of travel tips for their next adventure.



Sam Muchai: Instagram @muchaii

Sam Muchai is a Kenyan-based photographer. Some of his best pictures are capture the Africa you don’t typically see.


4. Jibril Ows: Instagram @_ jibraeel_

Jibril is the founder of Wander Boot Camp where he invites you to active adventure in magical destinations.



Travis Levius: Instagram @misterlevius

Travis is one of the few Black luxury travel writers in the game, based in London and Atlanta.

Most recently, he detailed how he was cast for Spike Lee’s movie  ‘Da 5 Bloods’ during an interview with Travel Noire.


6. Nate Chamber: Instagram @mrvagaabond

Born and raised in New York City, Nate Chambers has always had a love for exploration. The Vagabond Experience’s core focus is to promote unconventional and experiential travel around the globe. 


7. Barrington Scott: Instagram @bj.thetraveller

BJ’s made Australia his home over the last few years, taking us on adventure after adventure. He’ll soon head to his next destination to become a certified dive instructor.


8. Erick Prince: Instagram @minoritynomad

Erick Prince is a travel journalist, photographer, and global citizen who is on a journey to be the first Black man to visit every country in the world. Currently, he has visited 95 countries and documents his journey via social media.


9. Ernest White II: Instagram @flybrother

Ernest White II is a storyteller, explorer, and transformational lifestyle designer who has circumnavigated the globe six times. A Florida native, Ernest has lived in 5 countries and traveled to over 70



Wode Maya: Instagram @mrghanababy

Wode Maya grew to popularity on YouTube where he not only showcases Africa’s beauty but the exceptional people bringing monumental changes to the continent.


11. Ime Umoh: Instagram @ahmay_ahmoo

Ime is a video creator who is known to get some dope content by using his drone. 

The Baltimore-native left his corporate job in America to travel the world.  He co-founded “Black Men Drone”


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Matthew W.: Instagram @kinginfiniti

From his pictures, you would think Matthew is an expat as much as he’s on the go. He shows us what it means to work but play a little harder.


13. Phil Calvert: Instagram @philwaukee

Phil Calvert aka Philwaukee works to promote positivity through travel. He’s even created a YouTube series.


14. Cle Hunnigan: Instagrama @wind collective

Clé Hunnigan, founder of The Wind Collective, recently made history as the first Black content creator to visit Mada’in Saleh in Saudi Arabia.


15. David McC: Instagram @mrtravelgoals

David is the founder of Black Passport Stamps and Black Guys Travel Too on Instagram.

His content is all about inspiring Black travelers looking for their next adventure.


16. Mohamed K: Instagram @mohamedkk

Mohamed is traveling through Africa and is doing it with style.


17. Cedric Wood: Instgram @cedtripping

Cedric grew up in a small town in South Carolina and has visited more than 50 countries.


18. Toletemi: Instagram @tolutemi

Need some inspiration for paradise? Head over to Toletemi’s Instagram page. It’s full of everything you need to plan the perfect picturesque vacation.


19. Marcus: Instagram @marcusmeetsworld

Marcus has visited to more than 58 countries across six continents. He has some of the dopest content in the game.


20. John Robert: Instagram @thejonrobert


Joshua Walker: Instagram @joshyoutrippin

Joshua Walker is a travel blogger and host of the podcast A Black Guy’s Travel Podcast.


22. Brian K. Oliver: Instagram @beyondbmore

Brian Oliver is the founder of BMore See More: a nonprofit empowering male students in Baltimore City to travel. 



Michael McIntyre: Instagram @herealmichaelmcintyre

Michael is a husband and dad of four who shows his followers how to travel with family.



Justin: Instagram @Justintensitysworld

Justin lives his best life on Instagram through the 3F’s: fashion, fitness, and flights.


25. Devo: Instagram @deevst3r

Devo lives by the motto: “I don’t live to work, I work to travel” and we STAN.


26. Brian Jones: Instagram @bjjuaawuan

Brian Jones is a travel filmmaker, who takes his content to the next level.


27. Kev: Instagram @kevpharaoh

28. Semaj: Instagram @Lifeofsemaj

Semaj is a realtor by day and by the looks of it, a luxury traveler by night.


29. Tahir Woods: Instagram @thetahirwoods

During the pandemic, Tahir and his partner have shown us just how much fun you can have by visiting your backyard while most countries were locked down.


30. Gabbok: Instagram @Gabbok17

Gabbok is a travel influencer with more than 100 countries under his belt. What we love about his trips is how he documents the roads less traveled.


32. Benji: Instagram @benjihendrix

Benji’s solo travel trips remind us that we don’t have to have a group of friends to explore the world with.


33. Jerome Stanislaus: Instagram @ tuskegeebloodline

Jerome is a pilot and author of “My Mom Is So Fly.” He’s not only an inspiration for breaking through into an industry dominated by white men, but he reminds us to live life to the fullest with his skydiving adventures.


34. Young Milli Mike: Instagram @Youngmikeofficiall

Mike is a citizen of the world and has traveled to 54 countries. He gives us a taste of luxury travel.


35. Rashad McCrorey: Instagram @rashad_mccrorey

36. Mike Holston: Instagram @ therealtarzann

Mike needs no introduction. He’s a legend not just for his exotic trips but because of his ability to connect with some of the most exotic animals in the world.


37. Instagram: @mrrenaissance_man

Mr. Renaisssaance Man has a way of traveling to a popular destination and showing us than the typical photos we see on social media.


38. Daquan Johnson-Thompson: Instagram @dynastyking215

Dequan and his partner are simply baecaetion goals. Every trip they take keeps us wanting more.


39. Kemoy Martin: Instagram @ kemoy_martin

Kemoy teaches people how to create the freedom to travel the world. He practices what he preaches, as he has more than 37 countries under his belt.


40. Sammy: Instagram @ sammyvagabond

Sammy is a London-based traveler who shows his followers
what a healthy dose of peace and tranquility is.


41. Dexter Edmonds: Instagram @ dtravele

Dexter is a Birmingham-based photographer that doesn’t get the credit he deserves with his travel inspiration, so we’re giving him his flowers.


42. Kemoi Charles: Instagram @ iamkemoi8

43. Estafan: Instagram @_estafan

Estafan is a future airline pilot but as he waits to get his pilot’s license, he is still traveling the world.


44. Bennie: Instagram @dajett

Bennie is a teacher and world traveler based in Nanjing, China. He’s traveled to 35 countries and counting.


45. Nana Wallace: Instagram @_hii.nana_

From the Great Wall to Brooklyn, Nana Wallace makes every location he visits look magical.


46. James Roundtree: Instagram @ createadopelifee

James Roundtree is a travel photographer by trade, so where else better to look for travel inspiration?


47. Zekarias: Instagram @afrowanders

Zekarias shares Black travel experiences to help wandering souls conquer fears of traveling the globe.


48. Kalejaiye Olawale: Instagram @waka_journals

Kalejaiye is a travel content creator based in Ghana. He documents the beauty found in Africa using his camera and drone.


49. Kevin Ojo: Instagram @shina_kasa

Kevin is the co-founder of the Travel Clan: a travel community focused on exploring Africa’s jewels in the rough on a budget.


50. Rick S.: Instagram @ rick_ontherun

Rick is a photographer by trade and has traveled to more than 30 countries. In the words of T.I., his pictures will make you book a ticket “expeditiously.”


51. David Dacosta: Instagram @mrgotravel