What are the five best websites for booking travel excursions?

You’ve done some research, you’ve planned for your next getaway and purchased the big-ticket items like airfare and accommodations. Now, it’s time to plan for the fun part of your trip — the adventures and excursions!

It seems like a no-brainer but planning excursions is often an afterthought to airfare and booking a place to stay, despite the fact that the experiences you choose can make or break a trip. That’s why SmartTravel generated a list of the five best websites and providers to book activities for your vacation. Check them out below.


As one of the largest activities and excursion ticket websites,  Viator is the perfect site to book anything from airport shuttle services, guided tours, and skip-the-line admission tickets at attractions all over the world.


GetYourGuide is similar to Viator but the website focuses more on experiences and tours versus transportation services.

One great thing about GetYourGuide is that it allows you to compare tours and prices to give you the cheapest price point.


If you’re down to wait until the last-minute then StubHub is for you. StubHub is a useful last-minute option for verified tickets to everything from sports,  concerts, and comedy shows, according to SmartTravel.

The only down-side to StubHub is that it serves as a resale marketplace for ticket holders, which means you can pay more for the tickets if they are in high-demand and/or sold out events.

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences is a great way to find those hidden gems in the city you’re visiting.  The experiences are tailored to your interests and tend to be smaller in size when compared to other experiences and tours you may book elsewhere.

SmartTravel suggests that those considering an Airbnb Experience to book with an open mind.  Typically, your host is not a full-time professional guide or tour operator, so it’s a good idea to bring a go-with-the-flow attitude on your excursion.

Atlas Obscura

The bizarre and hard-to-reach corners of a destination that you wouldn’t normally find on excursion ticket websites is where Atlas Obscura fills this void.

Atlas Obscura also offers some very interesting tours and experiences in many cities across the country, including, a guided wine-and-bug pairing experience in Los Angeles, or a trip inside a holographer (maker of holograms) laboratory in New York.