Planning group trips is one of the most challenging tasks for a traveler. Everyone agrees to go, but somehow, it rarely works out. When it does, there are factors to consider, like people’s personalities, preferences, and more. 

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We want you to go on a group trip with your besties and come back being closer than before. 

Here are ways to avoid being rude when on a group trip: 

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Give people their personal space

Being on vacation with your besties for days at a time doesn’t mean you have to crowd each other’s space. It’s great to have time for yourselves to reflect and rest. 

Be mindful of your introverted friends, who are not energized by being around people 24/7. 

Tip: Before traveling, plan out which activities you all want to do as a group, and schedule time during the trip for everyone to do their own thing.

Don’t invite others to the trip without notifying the group

You shouldn’t avoid random people on the trip without first consulting your group. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend, or someone you met while traveling, it’s best to let your group know ahead of time. 

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Don’t skimp on payments

If your group agrees on splitting costs, don’t forget to pay up. Once the cost has been agreed upon by everyone, be sure to honor the budget. Don’t expect others to cover your portion of the expenses.

Be open to other people’s interests

Prior to booking your trip, have an open conversation with your group about the things everyone would like to do and see while on the trip. Don’t assume that everyone will like the same activities as you. This is really where compromising comes into play. 

Don’t expect the world to revolve around you

Much like compromising on activities, it’s important to take into consideration everyone’s budgets. Not everyone wants to spend their budget on luxury accommodations and experiences. 

Planning a group vacation takes a lot of empathy, compromise, and open communication. 

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