As everyone prepares for the long Labor Day weekend, that means anticipating major travel delays. Though there’s nothing you can do about delays, you can bring a few items along to make your journey a bit smoother.

Simple things, like packing a meal, snacks or keeping your car organized, can make a major difference. Use this Labor Day travel essentials checklist to keep you on track and organized.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Hectic Labor Day travel ultimately means delays and a few hiccups, so pop one of these tags in your checked bag. It would also be a good idea to place one in your carry-on in the event you have to gate check it. If your bag goes missing, you’ll be able to pinpoint its location through the app. You also can use the AirTag on other valuable items.

Umami Bento Lunch Box

While waiting, you can make sure you at least have a few bites to eat. Prep a meal or snacks in advance and store them perfectly in this adult lunch box. It comes with two separate compartments and the dividers are adjustable. There are leak-proof sauce containers. 

PACKISM TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

You already know the airport security line will be pretty intense. Make the process a bit smoother by having your TSA-size approved toiletries organized and easily accessible. These clear bags are one quart and perfect for your liquids. The handle makes it easy to grab out of your personal carry-on item. There are also double zippers and the front opens to 180 degrees for easy access.

OZkaya Car Backseat Organizer

Here’s a way to keep the car a bit more organized on a long road trip. This 2-pack backseat organizer is ideal for traveling with kids, but adults can benefit from this. It easily attaches to the headrest and the bottom of the seat, and it has tons of mesh pockets. This can hold snacks, water bottles, books and more. There’s also a touch-screen tablet holder. The material is waterproof and easy to wipe down and clean after your Labor Day travel.

Telena Small Sling Bag

Belt bags continue to be a must-have travel accessory. They’re compact and make it easy to have your essential items on hand without having to dig through a larger bag. This interior is spacious enough to hold your boarding pass, passport, any skincare essentials for an in-flight beauty routine and more. There are five card slots, an interior pocket and a zippered anti-theft pocket on the back. The strap adjusts easily and has a durable metal hook. 

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