What can we say, fairytale African weddings are certainly our thing. The trend of traveling abroad to get married isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it may just be picking up. But what to say about African destinations as dreamy wedding locations? With the sheer abundance that Africa has to offer, wedding destinations are in no shortage. Even still, the continent of Africa is largely left off the list of places that travel sites focus on. Hence this Travel Noire list to get you thinking about where to say “I do” on the continent. 

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1. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Getting married in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula has long been a dream for the soon-to-be-wed. With a variety of options, this is a wedding destination that many will cherish. Not only are the views incredible but they’re sure to leave you with ethereal wedding memories. There are certain things to keep in mind and check before planning a wedding in Egypt (such as legalities/religious points) but overall it promises to be a rewarding way to tie the knot. Couples often opt for resorts such as Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh for a wedding in style. 

2. Cape Town, South Africa

What can we say? A wedding in Cape Town is set to be dreamy. It has been a favorite destination on the continent for a long while and weddings are no exception. With breathtaking landscapes and some of the most sought-after wedding venues in the entire country, Cape Town is one to add to your list. 

3. Elsa’s Kopje, Kenya

Described as ‘unashamedly romantic and beautifully styled’, there might not be a more elegant spot for your gentle African wedding than at Elewana Elsa’s Kopje. Kenya is a hugely popular wedding destination and it is slowly rising in popularity. Many appreciate this option for the insanely tranquil vibes and commitment to traditional East African character. A bonus is impressing guests with history; the lodge is named after an orphaned lioness named Elsa who became a global icon and influenced the hit movie Born Free. 

4. Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

A natural wonder and an indulging view for all to revel in. Tanzania has some incredible wedding venues but this is one of the few spots in the East African countries that provide spectacular volcanic views as well as mineral-rich springs and lush pastures. On top of this, those hoping to see the big five in a single game drive can decidedly add that to the wedding bucket list. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is a wedding for those looking for adventure and natural luxury on the continent. 

5. Anahita, Mauritius

There is nothing like devoting your life to your partner aside some of the continent’s most stunning and picturesque beach views. Those looking for romantic getaway options for a honeymoon will also value Mauritius, a top country for honeymooners looking to beat crowds. Getting married at the Four Seasons Hotel in the middle of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by serenity sounds like a love language in itself. 

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