Forget the warm glow of the setting sun, golden sand, and impossibly blue water. The true essence of the West Indies lies in the cuisine made up of ground provisions, fresh vegetables, stewed meats, pungent spices, and the occasional dash of local rum.

The West Indies boasts a smorgasbord of flavor thanks to the potpourri of cultures peppered across the islands and these are some of the foodies bringing their heritage to the masses. 


Emma, who uses her middle name Terri-Ann on her platform, is a St. Lucian with a penchant for plantains. Her home-cooked meals evoke memories of cooking with her grandmother as a child. 

Must-Try: Granny’s Stew Chicken


Helena’s a pediatric nurse who has been flexing her skills in the kitchen since she was 15. That passion is still evident today as she continues to infuse her Jamaican roots into home-cooked meals. 

Must-Try: Ackee & Saltfish


Gina, who goes by the nickname Nelly, is representing the spice isle of Grenada. She’s been perfecting her technique since her early teens and through culinary school. Nelly’s inspiration comes from her dad who was a chef and baker.

Must-Try: Grenadian Oil Down


Charla puts her own unique spin on Caribbean cooking by focusing on recipes that are gluten and dairy-free. It’s a healthier alternative to all the goodness. 

Must-Try: Brown Jamaican Rice and Peas


Reshmi’s mission is to “preserve our Trinbagonian heritage, culture and traditional recipes through generations”  by documenting recipes and sharing them with the world. 

Must-Try: Hot Doubles