Nature is constantly changing and evolving each day. Some destinations evolve so much over time that the natural landscapes transform into living art. For the traveling aesthete, destinations where nature becomes art are an exploration delicacy.

Being able to travel the world while being surrounded by natural art is a dream. The best thing about art in nature is that it’s a masterpiece that’s always becoming better.

Here are five destinations where nature becomes art that’ll teleport you from your next vacation into the impressionist painting of your dreams.

Otagi Nenbutsu Temple – Japan

An ancient Japanese temple ridden by a history of unfortunate events, the Otagi Nenbutsu Temple sits hidden in the hills of Arashiyama. The temple originally was built in Higashiyama in 770. However, a great river flood washed the structure away.

Today, the temple has become a work of living art. It is home to over 1200 Rakan statues showcasing the disciples of Budda throughout history. In the spring and summer, the statues are beautifully coated by a thick, lush moss. In the winter, it is snow capped, showcasing the dynamic changes it’s constantly enduring throughout the seasons.

Múlagljúfur Canyon – Iceland

The Múlagljúfur Canyon is one of the most picturesque places in Iceland. Full of vibrant greenery, sunken ridges and winding trails, hikers love to venture out to explore this artistic landscape. Getting to the canyon can be tricky, so be sure to do research on the proper coordinates to set out from. However, once you arrive, it’s totally worth it. Being surrounded by mountains deep within the valley of the canyon is unmatched for any explorer with an eye for art and beauty. 

Haoyang Lake – China 

Located in the Luyang Lake Wetland Park, Haoyang Lake in China resembles a floating forest from above. Dense green trees tower above a murky, sea-foam green lake that twists and turns like an old river. Nature becomes art everyday at Haoyang Lake, where the water bleeds green. 

Lapland – Finland

Considered Europe’s last great wilderness, Lapland spreads over 21 municipalities in Finland. This destination is the best place to view the northern lights. All year long, travelers can visit Lapland for a light show like none other. There’s no place in the world, like Lapland. In the summer, the sun never sets and the Aurora Borealis lives on in the sky every night. 

Chalet al foss – Italy

The Chalet al foss hotel in Italy is described as a nature-lover’s dream, during the winter months. The destination is perfect for the artsy romantic who desires to experience beauty and travelers allure simultaneously. The adults-only resort experience embodies the true delight of Italy’s natural scenery while incorporating a modern touch that keeps travelers coming back for years.