Fathers are an important part of the family and that’s especially true when it comes to Black fathers. In honor of Father’s Day, here are 5 children’s books written by Black authors that celebrate the unique bond between father and child.


Hair Love is about a father who goes to great lengths to style his seven-year-old daughter’s thick, curly hair for the first time. The book is based on the “Hair Love” short film which premiered in theaters in 2019 ahead of “Angry Birds 2” and scored Matthew A. Cherry an Academy Award win for Best Animated Short Film.

Author, poet, and motivational speaker, Yusuf Ali El recently released his third children’s book, “My Father Knows.” This book serves as a beautiful tribute to fathers and father figures and is based on a poem. It paints a positive, uplifting, and necessary picture of how important Black fathers are. Illustrator Janine Carrington also does a great job of showcasing Black people in an array of skin tones.

Queer Eye star, Karamo Brown, and his son, Jason “Rachel” Brown, teamed up to write a children’s book that’s actually designed to teach acceptance and self-love to people of all ages. “I Am Perfectly Designed” is an ode to modern families and tells the story of a father and son who take a walk in the park to discover how they were they are perfectly designed for each other. Karamo draws inspiration from his own personal life. In 2004, he made history when he became the first openly gay African American reality TV star. After finding out that he had fathered a 9-year-old son named Jason, Karamo fought for full custody. He later adopted Jason’s half brother Chris before stepping away from the entertainment industry for a while to become a social worker.


In 1997, Will Smith released his ode to father-son bonding titled “Just The Two Of Us.” A few years later, in 2001, Smith published his first children’s book by the same name. “Just The Two Of Us” celebrates the loving relationship between little dads and their sons. It takes you through three stages in the father’s life and touches on the values of dignity, integrity, and honor. The picture book couples Smith’s lyrics with paintings by Kadir Nelson and is the ultimate celebration of fatherhood. It’s the perfect read to add to your Father’s Day collection.

Darryl Farley taps in to the importance of Black fathers being in their children’s lives with “I Will Be Here.” This book highlights the importance of fatherhood and upholding the Black family as we witness a father’s presence throughout his children’s lives from birth into adulthood. Amidst each milestone, the father teaches his children about life and being the best version of themselves.