One might expect public sex to be restricted to specialty sex resorts and swinger’s clubs, adults-only locations attended by other like-minded individuals.

For the most part, it is, as public sex is prohibited in most of the world. However, there are some places where it is completely legal to get it on in public. If you’re an exhibitionist who gets a thrill from being watched by strangers, or a voyeur who enjoys observing others engaged in the act, this list just might be for you.

1. Germany


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Under German law, public nudity is legal in designated areas. It’s also legal to have sex in public. However, combining the two can get you in big trouble. Turns out having sex in public is only legal if you’re covered. Doing so while exposed can get you slapped with a €150 fine.

2. Guadalajara, Mexico

Mexico City
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As of 2018, public sex is legal in Guadalajara, Mexico. That’s right, it is perfectly legal to do the do out in the open as long as no third-party complaints are filed with police.

According to city council members, the law was enacted to prevent police from extorting young couples caught in the act and to alleviate the concern for law enforcement, leaving them more time to pursue more serious crimes.

3. Vondelpark, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam and the most famous in the Netherlands. Public sex became legal in the park in 2008, however, there are certain rules participants must observe.

For one, they must restrict their sexual activity to the night hours and must stay away from the playground area. They must also be sure to clean up after themselves and leave no mess behind.

4. Ørstedsparken, Denmark

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Similar to its Dutch neighbors, public sex in Denmark is only legal in one designated park, Copenhagen‘s Ørstedsparken. Just like in Vondelpark, there are rules to be followed, and they are posted on signs for all to see:

“Sex in the park is allowed, but show some consideration. Many children institutions use the park.”

Therefore, please avoid: Sex in the playground and visible places between 9 am and 4 pm. Loud sex in hiding between 9 am and 4 pm.”

Remember to: Remove semen from the benches after the act. Leave condoms and used napkins in the bin.

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