20+ Black Travel Organizations And Content Creators Awarded $70,000 In Grants
Photo Credit: Courtesy of @kesitoandfro

Photo Credit: Courtesy of @kesitoandfro

20+ Black Travel Organizations And Content Creators Awarded $70,000 In Grants

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jul 15, 2021

MMGY Global has awarded $70,000 in grants to Black travel organizations and content creators, according to Travel Pulse. The company, which partnered with the Black Travel Alliance (BTA) and the National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals (NCBMP) has announced the 30 grant winners.

To fund the grants, MMGY Global used proceeds from the sale of The Black Traveler: Insights, Opportunities & Priorities, a research report produced by MMGY Travel Intelligence. Report proceeds in the amount of $30,000 had already been given in support of the BTA, the NCBMP, and the National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers (NABHOOD).

“We believe that travel and tourism empowers communities. When we first started this journey, we wanted to do three things–the first being to heighten awareness for the $129 billion impact of Black travelers,” said Jason Dunn, former chair of the NCBMP.

“The second,” added Dunn, “was to embolden Black travel organizations globally to walk in their power and remove the false narrative that their business has no value. Third, we wanted to inspire the next generation of Black travelers to explore the world. It’s refreshing to know that the ten organizations selected reflect what we set out to do. Mission accomplished.”

Grant entries were reviewed by Dunn along with Ursula Petula Barzey, research committee chair with the Black Travel Alliance, with the support of MMGY Global. Applicants from the United States, Canada, France, Germany and U.K./Ireland, where MMGY conducted its study, were welcome to apply for the grant.

“Reviewing the applications for the content creator grant was inspiring for the team as there was a diverse mix of storytellers,” said Barzey. “The 20 selected are a snapshot into the amazing but often overlooked talent pool of Black travel content creators who are influential in advancing the Black travel movement. Thus, it is gratifying to know that a year of hard work on The Black Traveler study has generated funds to help amplify some of these lesser-known but important voices.”

“This entire experience–from concepting the study with our partners and analyzing the data to now awarding these grants–has been both eye-opening and extremely rewarding,” said MMGY Global CEO, Clayton Reid. “The research revealed many issues that need to be addressed in our industry, so I’m proud that these grants will be helping to amplify Black voices and support Black travel organizations.”

The following are the ten recipients of the Black Travel Organization Grant:

  • Black Kids Adventures, Inc
  • Black Kids Do Travel
  • Fight Through Flights, Incorporated
  • iFLY Youth
  • Little Africa Paris
  • Maison Carib
  • Niagara Bound Tours
  • Teens of Color Abroad, Inc.
  • The Vonne Group
  • The Wind Collective

The following are the 20 recipients of the Black Travel Content Creator Grant:

  • Aisha Springer, Blogger, Urban Escapist
  • Brian Oliver, Social Media Influencer, Beyond Bmore
  • Calvin Hearns, Photographer, The Calvin Chronicles
  • Caroline Sande, Vlogger, TravelEatSlay
  • Danielle Desir, Podcaster, The Thought Card
  • Frederick Murphy, Social Media Influencer, History Before Us
  • Ime Umoh, Vlogger, Push the Button
  • Jessica Ufuoma, Blogger, The Ufuoma
  • Joyce Oladeinde, Blogger, Diy With Joy
  • Jupiter Kayonga, Photographer, Jupiter Konnections
  • Kareemah Ashiru, Blogger, Hijabiglobetrotter
  • Kesi Irvin, Blogger, Kesi To and Fro
  • Montoya Hudson, Blogger, The Spring Break Family
  • Roobens Fils, Blogger, Been Around The Globe
  • Sandy Salyeres, Travel Author, Abenafrica
  • Sierra Redmond, Journalist, The Daily Impressions
  • Simone Mills, Blogger, EverytingSimSimma
  • Sojourner White, Social Media Influencer, Sojournies
  • Tameika Gentles, Social Media Influencer, Tameika
  • Tia Mills, Social Media Influencer, Tia Takes The World

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