Check out these Black-owned clothing and accessories companies next time you’re in Austin. Buying local and buying Black-owned are great ways to give back to the community when visiting. Splurge on some clothing from a unique creator. Or, even some accessories. This list includes African- inspired clothing and delicate and classy jewelry. It also includes chunky, bright jewelry and thrift boutiques.

20 Black-Owned Clothing And Accessories Companies In Austin
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Visiting a new city always calls for some shopping. A pair of shoes or jeans. Maybe some earrings for a friend back home. These are the places to shop when traveling to the south. And, if you live in Austin, don’t wait, now’s the time to visit these Black-owned clothing and accessories companies.

Floral Sea, Contemporary Fashion House


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Eye-catching colors and patterns dot the pages of Floral Sea, Contemporary Fashion House. Flora Tenille West is the creator behind this vibrant, Austin- based brand. “Completely fed up with the current state of the industry, I found an opportunity to create a sustainable + ethical fashion house that prioritizes fashion-forward aesthetics, individualistic style, and cultural inclusivity at the forefront of design and brand experience.”



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Curtis Marshman II, aka “Cutty” created LATCHKEY KIDS® with inspirations stemming from places like the military, music and art. LATCHKEY KIDS® has a vision, “based on a dream of making clothes that reflect who we are.”

Magik Luxe

King Magik is the brains behind Magik Luxe. It is a “Future Luxury Atelier & Studio” based in Austin, Texas. Find your next lid, tee or short here. Hooking you up down to the socks!

Auctober Love


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The Austin- based jewelry brand, Auctober Love was created by two sisters who love earrings, but dislike the heaviness and bulkiness they may bring. Their lightweight, artistic designs are affordable and elegant.

Be Beadiful


Owner Lillie Woodbury collects gemstones from around the world to create handmade jewelry. Unable to work in order to care for her child, who had multiple brain surgeries after a diagnosis of Panhypopituitarism. To her surprise, people loved her jewelry and she is able to work doing the things she loves while still caring for her son. Woodbury shares them with the world at Be Beadiful, her Austin based company.

Black Makers Market


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A gathering of Black business owners in the Austin area, Black Makers Market is open on weekends in the city. “Our goal is to consolidate all Black markets and vendors into one major in-person shopping event in Central Texas.”


Hand-picked vintage clothing company based out of Austin, ChicCityVintage has a variety of looks for women. “Yesterday’s vintage clothes for today’s fashion trends.”

Uwakstar Designs

The clothing and headwear company, Uwakstar Designs, makes bold African-inspired statement pieces. You can find Uwakstar Designs at 8309 Daisy Cutter Crossing in Georgetown, just outside of Austin proper. Owner, Uwakima Udom, is the sister to owner of U4U Designs, another Black-owned Austin company on this list. The two collaborate on designs.

Ephrance Vintage


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Drake and Roy Muyinza combined forces to create the fun and colorful brand, Ephrance Vintage. “Named after Drake’s mother back in Uganda, Ephrance is all about bold patterns, color blocking and never being minimalist.”

Kicking It


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Opened in the fall of 2018 by Greg Grovey, “Kicking It is located in Austin, Texas in a high-end shopping area (The Domain Northside) and is neighbors with stores such as Apple and Louis Vuitton.” Pick up the latest sneakers in store, but it’s more than that. Defined as a sneaker social, sneakerheads can find peers, learn and shop for shoes and even have a drink at their full bar.

Jazzy Chica


Based in Austin, Jazzy Chica creates, “one of a kind statement jewelry for the everyday woman!” Find everything from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and purses.

Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs


Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs is a Black and woman owned business in Austin, Texas. Bold and beautiful statement pieces, Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs shines: “with every piece that we create, our goal is to empower both your personal style and your passions.”

Gender Thieves


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Kimberley Veronica shows out with their fly gender neutral designs! Gender Thieves is an up and coming, “gender-neutral street/casualwear fashion company; where the values are basic, honor your authentic self and stay humble.”

Moneé Elizabeth


The pieces created at Moneé Elizabeth are one-of-a-kind and handmade. Classy and delicate, the work by Austin based designer Latreacia Moneé can be found online.

Private Stock Premium Boutique

The Private Stock Premium Boutique is a Black owned business geared toward men’s clothing. This company has fought hard to recover from both the pandemic as well as a looting. Fashion that stands out from the rest, lasts through it all. Open daily at 516 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701.

Rejected Hearts Club


Jamie Batiste says she, “turned a breakup to a business and regained my independence. We have all had plenty of struggles; it’s how you come out of it that matters the most. I create jewelry for Men and Women that transform into stand-out pieces that commands attention and confidence. Always remember to love yourself no matter what or who hurts you.” Betting your heart won’t be broken when your try on Rejected Hearts Club‘s Austin based designs though.

U4U Designs

Black-owned U4U Designs is “supplying distinguished quality with unfaltering authenticity.” This Austin business designs clothes for men, women and children. Owner, Unyime Udom, is the sister to owner of Uwakstar Design, another Black-owned Austin company previously listed.

Treasure City Thrift


Owned by Sarah Somera, Treasure City Thrift is an affordable thrift store. Located at 2142 E 7th Street in Austin, shoppers can expect to find second hand items with top trends in mind.

Lucid Voyage Boutique


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Super stylish and travel-friendly wear, Lucid Voyage Boutique has a grasp on today’s fashion. Black Latina-owned, you can find them at Future Front Texas‘ pool party at the end of the month.

Ace Tailors


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If you have a piece that isn’t quite fitting how it should, take it over to Ace Tailors to get it altered. “With over two decades worth of experience as a master tailor, Vanessa Wilkerson is the Owner and CEO of Ace Tailors.” With two locations in Austin, one is sure to be able to fit you in.