Can we all agree that 2020 has definitely been one for the history books? From an unprecedented health pandemic sweeping the world and killing Black people at disproportionate rates, to the world now coming together to protest the decades of police brutality and injustice for Black and brown people, this year has been a stressful one and we’re only halfway through.

Things like this can weigh heavily on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being when it is being broadcast on every news channel and social media feed. If you are an empath, times like this can be even more draining as you see and feel so many people hurting.

Whether you are on the frontlines or simply seeing everything unfold from home, you must ensure that you also protect your peace. Taking time to ask “am I okay” is key and finding resources to help you recharge and get back to being your best self is equally important.

To help you out, we’ve curated this list of Black-owned therapy and meditation resources that you can access during trying times.


This app aims to match those in marginalized communities with a therapist trained to tackle the issues or hardships they may face day to day. The app uses your unique traits, values, and experiences to pair you with a professional who can help. IG: @ayana_therapy.

Black Girls Breathing

This brand and platform focuses on mediation and breathwork for Black women and is led by Black women as well. They often host pop-ups but with COVID-19 restrictions, they are offering virtual breathwork sessions to help get you through. IG: @blackgirlsbreathing.

Black Zen

Friends Stacy and Jasmine created this online platform for those who allowed financial barriers to prevent them from seeking wellness resources. From guided meditation to a wellness podcast, this is something you’ll want to keep on your list. IG:

Black Virtual Therapists Network

No matter where you are in the world, finding the right therapist is essential in the start to living well. This website provides a list of licensed Black therapists who are also certified to hold virtual sessions. IG: @_beamorg.

Black Lives Matter Meditation

These guided sessions are hosted by Dr. Candice Nicole, a counseling psychologist and healer. Her focus is racial trauma and the psychological and physiological toll it takes on people of color. IG: @dr.candicenicole.

Black Girl in Om

Based in Chicago, founder Lauren Ash created this online community to allow Black women to simply breathe freely. She offers guided meditations as well as other resources on her platforms. IG: @blackgirlinom.

Dive in Well

Founder Maryam Ajayi created this brand to bring more diversity to the wellness industry. You can access resources from people of color in various healing communities. IG: @diveinwell.


This Brooklyn-based business created by Darian Hall and Elisa Shankle, has now pivoted to online classes due to COVID-19. They offer yoga, meditation, as well as workshops and private sessions. IG: @healhaus.

Liberate Meditation

Deemed to be the number 1 meditation app for Black, indigenous, and people of color. Participate in guided meditations with people who look and sound just like you. IG: @liberatemeditation.

Sista Afya

With an aim to sustain the mental wellness of Black women across the Diaspora, this Chicago-based network connects its community with mental health resources around the globe. You can also find merchandise such as coloring books and journals on the website too. IG: @sistaafya.

Therapy for Black Men

Black men deserve resources too and that’s why this network was created. This safe space allows men of color to connect with therapists that are competent to handle and treat any mental health issues they may be facing. IG: @therapyforblkmen.

Therapy for Black Girls

In order to see the best benefits of therapy, it is important to connect with a professional who can also relate to things you face. Therapy for Black Girls works to connect Black women and girls with therapists who look just like them. IG: @therapyforblackgirls.

The Nap Ministry

Take a different approach to your mental healing with this Black-woman-created brand. The Nap Ministry focuses on restorative power of the one thing we oftentimes take for granted as adults, naps. IG: @thenapministry.

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