11 Travel Hacks Flight Attendants Swear By
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11 Travel Hacks Flight Attendants Swear By

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Sep 13, 2019

If you want to have inside access to the world of travel, just ask a flight attendant. I mean, traveling is their job after all.

Flight attendants are constantly on the go and catching flights, so they have no choice but to master the art of travel. They’ve also developed travel hacks along the way to make jet setting less stressful.

Business Insider recently caught up with a few flight attendants who shared some of their tips and tricks. Check them out below.

Don’t Overpack

I personally struggle with overpacking because I like to have options. However, a United Airlines flight attendant said their word of advice would be to “be sure to not pack too much when traveling.”

On my recent trip to London, I realized it’s best to pack the necessities and practicality in clothing and shoe choices always work best.

Get To The Airport Early

A United flight attendant says: “Give yourself plenty of time because feeling rushed is just gonna make your travel experience more stressful than it needs to be.”

I try to arrive at least 3 hours early for international flights and 2 hours early for domestic flights.

Read The Fine Print When Purchasing Your Ticket

I’ve ended up having to pay extra fees upon checking in because I didn’t read the fine print on my ticket.

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant shares, “It’s worth reading all that fine print in those disclaimers. Doing so could save money on your carry-on bags.”

Travel In The Morning

Kevin Cain, a PSA Airlines flight attendant says, “I tell people to travel in the morning. The evening is when delays throughout the day have built up.”

Be Overprepared

An Alaska Airlines flight attendant says that it’s best to be to over-prepared than to not be prepared enough.

“Travel is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen,” says the flight attendant.

I have found that making a checklist of things you need to pack or get done before the flight ensures you’ll be 100% ready on the day of your trip. Also, planning and scheduling transportation to the airport beforehand helps with an early arrival.

Use SkyScanner To Find Low Prices

SkyScanner is a great tool to use to find the best deal on flights. A Spirit flight attendant says, “I’ve found a lot of great deals on there.”

Always Have A Portable Phone Charger With You

We are constantly connected in today’s world. Making sure your phone doesn’t go dead in a foreign space is important.

“I always travel with a portable charger. Not all airports have a ton of chargers or outlets or you can’t get to them, and some older airplanes don’t have them, or they’ll only be two for the whole row of three,” says a Delta flight attendant.

Don’t Drink Hot Tea Or Coffee On The Flight

Flight attendants are warning that the water isn’t top-notch, so if you can help it, grab your coffee at Starbucks.

“Don’t drink the coffee. Don’t drink the hot tea. The water is not the best,” shares a regional-airline flight attendant.

Ask For Your Ice To Be Scooped With A Cup

This tip may surprise you and gross you out.

“Whenever you’re being served ice, ask for them to serve it with another cup because the ice scoop is actually not very clean,” reveals a regional-airline flight attendant.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

“Always bring your own entertainment and charging stuff. Sometimes your phone won’t have Wi-Fi, so it’s always good to download something offline in Netflix or bring an iPad if you have one,” says Cain.

Always Bring A Water Bottle

A Delta Air Lines flight attendant says: “I always travel with a reusable water bottle. Every airport, in the US at least, has a spot to fill your water bottle.”

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