1,000 Flights Cancelled Ahead Of French Air Traffic Strikes This Friday
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1,000 Flights Cancelled Ahead Of French Air Traffic Strikes This Friday

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Sep 16, 2022

French air traffic strikes will disrupt thousand of travelers plans in the coming days. The cancellations are expected to affect airports across France from 06:00 on Friday 16 September until 06:00 on Saturday 17 September.

Frances aviation authority the DGAC has warned of “severe” disruption. They are asking airlines to halve their schedules ahead of the walkout and urging passengers to delay trips.

In addition to the planned walkout this Friday, France’s union of air traffic controllers has announced three more days of a strike later this month. The additional strikes will be between Wednesday 28 September and Friday 30 September. The French air traffic strikes will severely disrupt many flights and travel plans from Europe and beyond.

The strike:

The French Syndicat National des Contrôleurs du Trafic Aérien (SNCTA) union – the country’s main union for traffic controllers opted to strike due to low pay and working conditions. A growing shortage in staff has also influenced the decision to strike.


Several airlines have canceled flights due to the strike action. Ryanair has canceled 420 flights which affects no less than 80,000 passengers. Easyjet has allegedly canceled ‘hundreds’ of flights.

An easyJet statement read “Like all airlines operating to/from French airports easyJet expects some disruptions to its flying program and has been requested by the French CAA to proceed to cancellations,”.

Air France canceled a huge 55% of its short and medium-haul flights and 10% of its long-haul flights on Friday.

Other airlines have also cut their schedules significantly.

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