10 Times African Influencer Spirited Pursuit Made Us Fall In Love With Senegal
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

10 Times African Influencer Spirited Pursuit Made Us Fall In Love With Senegal

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Apr 22, 2022

African influencer Spirited Pursuit or Lee Litumbe and her fashionable, West-African chic vibes, has made us fall in love with countries many a time with her travel content. However, it must be said, this influencer’s love for Senegal has stolen our hearts and opened our eyes to what Senegal truly represents. Not only is it the effortless pictures or the in-depth guides, but mainly the genuine love for the West African country and all that it has to offer world travelers.  

There is so much to adore about Senegal, the country has been a favorite spot for Black travelers for a minute. Here are some of Lee Litumbe from Spirited Pursuit’s most iconic moments in Senegal.  

1. It's giving everything it should be giving

A classic, OG Spirited Pursuit post. It’s giving colorful African vibes, care-free Black girl and bold world traveler all in one. We don’t know about you, but this makes Saint-Louis look like our kind of vacation spot.

2. The living embodiment of a love letter to Africa

Lee Litumbe has often described her life as a ‘love letter to Africa’. With this being an exciting time for Black expats packing up and making the move to the continent, we’re proud of the loving pride of Africa that is found across Lee’s instagram, like this pure moment of the Senegalese goodness.

3. Get us to Gorée Island, ASAP

Visiting Gorée Island in Senegal is an experience in itself. Lee’s documentation of it just made the gorgeous island jump a few places on the must-visit list.

4. Ambassador of Enjoyment

Being Senegal’s official Ambassador of Enjoyment in Ile De N’gor.

5. Getting us exciting for Summer bliss in Sine Saloum

We’ll be the first to say it, a slow, sun-drenched, strawberry filled Summer in Senegal’s Sine Saloum had never looked like such a must before this specific moment. We also love that Sine Saloum, located north of The Gambia, is a less-traveled location, widening our list of must-see destinations in the country.

6. Life is better by the water

Maybe it’s the near sunset hues, the serenity or Lee’s effortless peace, but Lake Retba looks like the perfect Senegalese getaway.


7. Film Queen

Giving us the quiet glory of Dakar, in Film no less – as if we weren’t already sold.

8. Showing off exactly how pretty houses are in Senegal

For those wondering, it is not only the streets of Dakar that are gorgeous and picturesque, the houses and interior design is impressive too! Lee Litumbe shows off her friend’s house in Sali and we’re taking all the notes.

10. Melanin Goddess

This love for Senegal runs deep through Lee Litumbe’s work and photography. We fall in love with Senegal each time she shares a golden story that lives in this country.

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