Cyprus is the new favorite winter getaway destination … we’ll take it! It’s not giving European summer in winter, we’ll admit it. It can get a little breezy and while the sites remain impressive, the atmosphere is totally different. The waters are turquoise and gorgeous but only for the brave to actually dip into them. 

Even so, many travelers fall in love with it during this season. With much warmer temperatures than the rest of Europe, fresh citrus fruits and Mediterranean charm, it is certainly a hidden gem worth visiting. With winter being simply unbearable for some, a Cypriot winter escape might be the sweetness needed to brighten the days. Party-goers, foodies, and chic beachfront resort lovers may treasure Cyprus in the summer, but the winter? The winter is for the lovers of pretty things and winter beach dates and crowd-less attractions under blue skies. Here is why we’re adamant that you consider Cyprus as your next winter getaway destination (thank us later). 

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Fewer crowds

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Cyprus is one hell of a country with sights and attractions to leave your feet truly tired after a day of exploring. One of the huge benefits of visiting during the winter is the lack of tourists. With fewer tourists come fewer crowds which means greater ability to roam and fully enjoy without bumping into someone every time you travel around. 

More opportunities to find out about local culture

Visiting Cyprus in the winter means that you have more opportunities to find out about the local culture without distraction. Whether it is having a conversation with a local person about how the area has changed or even having a personal tour guide talk you through the history. There is so much history around the island and winter is a great time to slowly discover it. 

Hidden gems galore

On that note, there are hidden gems wherever you land in Cyprus. What is a winter getaway without stumbling across something incredible by mistake? It literally is the point of traveling to an almost-remote, stunning location while everyone else is snuggled up at home. Again, we recommend reaching out to those who you meet and know the area to discover where is most worthwhile checking out.

Sunrises and sunsets never miss

This is undisputed. Summer sunrises and sunsets in the Mediterranean are perfect, but the winter doesn’t let the team down either. If you want serenity and awe, Cyprus will serve that in all the pastel shades available. 

Off-season means saving some money

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Winter in Cyprus is the off-season meaning that hotels are generally cheaper and traveling around will cost you less. Take advantage of exploring Cyprus for less while enjoying all the views. 

The low season keeps you adventurous

This is a Travel Noire tip to sharpen the senses of all adventurous travelers. Depending on where you choose to visit in Cyprus, the winter will mean limited openings of some restaurants and resorts. The way we see it, this leads to a more hands-on and involved travel experience. Get to know the area, explore beyond the obvious and discover new favourites that you can eventually recommend. If you do choose to return, you’ll only have a more in-depth knowledge of the area.

Supporting locals when the tourists are scarce

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As you know, we’re big on supporting local business while at home and abroad. Supporting locals during a time when there are much fewer tourists will go a long way. A few simple ideas is tipping drivers and waiters a little extra or stocking up on souvenirs from local artists. 

The bluest of waters…

Cyprus is a sweet winter getaway

We’d be remiss to not warn you that the waters are just as blue and just as crystal clear as you can imagine in the winter. Any traveler knows that when the water is that good, you jump in. Even in the cold temperatures (even if stammering out, scared of the freezing ocean). If nothing else persuades you to enjoy a Cypriot winter, think of how stunning you’ll feel surrounded by turquoise waters in Europe, not even the Caribbean.  

Island of cats

Cyprus is known as the island of cats and there was not one lie told. Wherever you go you’ll find stray cats, following you or simply lounging. While it isn’t advisable to pet the street cats, cat lovers might feel cuteness overload. 

Picture-perfect Cyprus for a sensory overload

Cyprus is a sweet winter getaway

Don’t think we can end this list without commenting on how much of a sensory overload Cyprus is. The food whiffs into the streets, the waves crash and make a gorgeous sound as you watch the most incredible burning orange sunsets. Cyprus plays with all of the senses. So much of what makes Cyprus great can’t be captured by cameras but every traveler who visits will try to demonstrate just how picturesque it is. I suppose you just need book a getaway and explore it for yourself.

Island vibes are island vibes at the end of the day and Cyprus proved itself to be a gorgeous winter getaway. Have you ever escaped the cold winter days in Cyprus?