Iceland is like no other vacation, so knowing exactly what to pack for your trip to Iceland can be tricky. Whether a short trip or a longer back-packing adventure, there are some things you need to not skip out on. Here is a list of necessities as curated by Travel Noire. 

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Rain jacket

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Packing a rain jacket is top of our list for a reason, it will surely rain at some point of your trip. The trick to enjoying this Nordic country is preparation. Being prepared for the rain means taking in the beauty of the numerous things Iceland has to offer rather than getting caught in the tough weather conditions, totally unprepared.

Waterproof hiking boots

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When packing for your trip to Iceland, think about comfort and practicality above all else. You’ll likely wear hiking boots  as your everyday shoe, so invest in one that will work for you. Another tip, thick wool socks will go well with your brand new hiking shoes to avoid blisters.


We’ll admit, this one is easy enough to forget if you’re traveling to Europe. Remember to pack a travel adaptor, we recommend this one which is 3-in-1 and allows you to switch modes easily.

Quick-Dry Pack towel

A quick-dry pack towel is going to be your best friend on this trip. The best thing about quick-dry towels is that they are usually lightweight and so don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.


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You’ll be making several adventurous day trips we imagine. Keep all your essentials on you by packing a daypack. We recommend about 10 – 25L for a daypack.


Thinking of visiting The famous Blue Lagoon or one of the many hot springs in Iceland? Packing a variety of swimsuits is going to be crucial.

Fleece Lined Hat

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Protect your head and avoid the Icelandic cold with a hat. Even better if you can find a fleece-lined hat to provide double protection.

Waterproof/Windproof gloves

You’ll thank us later. When you’re out all day, soaking in the beauty of Iceland, this is something you’ll need. Having waterproof/windproof gloves is a must, an absolute non-negotiable item so that your fingers don’t fall off in the middle of your epic trip…


Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

Despite the reputation for cold, the sun really does come out and it is as bright as can be. So yes, slide the sunglasses into your luggage without doubting that decision.

Waterproof backpack cover

Hiking and enjoying all of the outdoorsy fun of Iceland means that your day trips could be long and potentially a little rainy. Protect your backpack and your belongings with a handy backpack cover.