Summertime is approaching and you’ve already booked reservations for your next destination. You already have packed your bags, studied the itinerary and activities, researched the beaches you will visit, and selected the best tourist attractions, restaurants and nightlife. In addition, you have already packed your swimwear and your outfits for each day. With all this already set, you may also be thinking about pairing your outfits with the perfect scent. Look into buying Black-owned perfume or fragrance brands to stroll with your travel partner or, who knows, flirt and meet new people during the trip. If not for your favorite plus one, we love to smell great for ourselves!

Travel Noire has made a list of the top Black-owned perfume and fragrance brands for both women and men.

1. Maya Njie Perfumes

Founded in 2016 by Maya Njie, the brand is a niche perfume brand with a clear focus on artisanal blends, as the scents are deeply influenced by Maya’s Swedish and West African roots. Born in Västerås Sweden, she moved to London in her teens where she still lives and manages her brand.

According to her, all formulas are developed in-house, using a variety of essential oils, aroma compounds and resins. Making use of both naturals and synthetics in her creations.

2. Nick Ricardo Collection

Launched in 2019 by designer Nick Ricardo, Nick Ricardo Collection is described by its owner as a proudly black-owned and queer-owned perfume brand.

The company offers a gender-neutral fragrance brand, aiming to break gender barriers in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

In doing that, Nick Ricardo works to slash gender norms and elevate the narrative of the POC, non-binary, transgender, and gender non-conforming individual.


3. Kimberly New York

Founded in May 2016 by Jamaica-born Kimberly Walker, Kimberly New York Perfumes was inspired by the lack of inclusivity in the world of luxury fragrance.

“I began fragrance composition and chemistry self-study in 2015.  After learning the science of fragrance, I decided to try my hand at creating my own, signature scent. Artsy eau de parfum was born, and continues to be my everyday fragrance and #1 top seller,” she says on her website.

4. Hive Luxury Fragrances

Founded by Bambi Montgomery in 2016, Hive Luxury Fragrances is a Chicago-based Black-owned. Montgomery says that the inspiration behind Hive Luxury Fragrances is the ability to share her personal story through fragrance and to infuse a bit of luxury into people’s life.

5. Ovation For Men

Ovation For Men is an Atlanta-based Black-owned fragrance founded by Shawn Crenshaw, Fadelf Jackson, and Cecil Cross, the brand aims to celebrate men of color and fill the void in the current fragrance industry.

“Leveraging their collective experience in hospitality, music, entertainment and marketing, Team Ovation has become a branding tour de force of ingenuity and authenticity unparalleled in the fragrance industry,” says the company on its website.

6. World Of Chris Collins

Founded by the former Ralph Lauren’s male model Chris Collins, World Of Chris Collins is a Black-Owned perfume brand that celebrates his love for luxury and a deeper appreciation for fine fragrance. With his brand, Chris brings his connoisseurship to create alluring and exotic scents.


7. Motif Olfactif

Founded in 2019 by Oswald Pare, Motif Olfactif is a black-owned perfume with fragrances made around the world.

Pare, who was born in Burkina Faso, found the fragrance community on YouTube and began reviewing fragrances that he found compelling. ‘My taste tends to lean towards creative and functional scents and I love unique and complex blends.’

8. Savoir Faire

Proud of being among the new Black-owned fragrance brands that emerged recently, meet Savoir Faire by Chris Classic, established in 2017. This Atlanta-based fragrance brand works with the notion of being an “exclusive inclusion” brand.

“It celebrates the unique individual ability that you have which allows you to thrive in various social circles regardless of skin color, religion, education or crypto portfolio,”  Savoir Faire states on its website.

9. Mair Fragrance

Mair Fragrance is a luxury Black-owned perfume brand based in Texas. Founded by Mair Emenogu in 2015, the brand uses exclusive and rare ingredients from all over the world.

“My vision in creating this brand was to create fragrances that do not overpower, but compliment the natural aroma of women and men. I believe that the person is the centerpiece, and everything else should be the accessory,” says Mair Emenogu.

10. Pink MahogHany

Pink MahogHany is an independent Black-owned fragrance brand founded by Chavalia Mwamba, a self-taught niche perfumer from Longview, Texas.

Launched in 2005, the brand was designed to “court the skin” and flirt with the air, initiating and carrying its conversation with eloquence.

Chavalia Mwamba aims to educate and provide transparency, all while helping others feel more confident about using fragrance on their skin and in their space.