Some of the best hotel beds are so comfortable, you want to spend your whole vacation in your hotel room. With hotels like Four Seasons whose bedroom designs create, “true sleeping sanctuaries,” taking a truly relaxing vacation can easily be accomplished.

Making sure guests love their rooms, and never want to leave their hotel bed, is the top concern for these 10 hotels. Their love for relaxation sets the bar at an all-time high. Crawling into you hotel bed at night, or after a nice dip in your private, plunge pool can be achieved not just at the hotel, but also at home.

Best Hotel Beds For A Relaxing Vacation

That’s right, you can get some of the best hotel beds in your own home. Many of these hotels also offer their mattresses to their adoring fans through their online boutiques. Sheets, duvets, pillows and even fragrances can be had by guests from these hotels. So, after you enjoy a week at the Ritz Carlton, have the same mattress waiting at home for you to continue feeling those lush, sleepy vibes.

1. Four Seasons

Four Seasons described their bedrooms as “true sleeping sanctuaries” and everything from the soundproofing, to the bedding, speaks in favor of this statement.

Enjoy a truly restful vacation at any Four Seasons. Or, pick up their Signature Sleep Set through their online shop.

2. Disney Hotels

Rest is precious when visiting Disney. There are so many things to do, who has time for sleep?! Good thing Disney Hotels  are known for their comfortable beds for those short naps between shows, rides and meals. Disney Hotels has teamed up with Beauty Rest to deliver their mattresses to your front door.

3. Ritz Carlton

Experiencing the Ritz Carlton absolutely includes sleeping on their bed. “The Ritz-Carlton Bed embodies our luxurious approach to living and precise attention to details,” the mattress description states. In collaboration with Stearns and Foster, you can rest in luxury in your own home.

4. Renaissance Hotels


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The dramatic and moody design of Renaissance Hotels gives the right vibe for chill and quiet moments. Sleeping here is encouraged, as is taking their entire bed collection home with you.

5. W Hotels


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Sleeping on vacation can be difficult, especially when you have something exciting happening the next day. In the beds at W Hotels, “you don’t doze off to sleep, you dream up tomorrow’s mischief.

Dream up tomorrow’s plans like you were on vacation, with your own W Hotel bed at home. They have four to choose from.

6. St. Regis

You can “pursue your passion to relax, unwind and getaway to the perfect retreat” at any St. Regis hotel. Along with the ability to purchase one of their stately beds, you can indulge yourself and purchase one of their residences, now available in over 15 locations throughout the world.

7. Waldorf Astoria


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You know that feeling the moment you get into bed after a long day of travel and your whole body just sighs in relief? Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts always gives it’s guests that level of contentment that can only be found in a perfectly made bed.

Waldorf Astoria offers everything from the mattress and bedding to the signature scent that wafts through each room.

8. ACE Hotels


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ACE Hotels is a boutique collection of hotels that are community focused and artfully designed with a mid-century modern focus. Sleek and tasteful, their beds are comfortable and easy to fall asleep on. Plus, they offer several pieces of the bedroom at their boutique shop.

9. Conrad Hotels and Resorts


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The ever-growing Conrad Hotels and Resorts is well-known for it’s pillow menu. But, the bed, and the views from it, are sure to keep you happily locked away during your stay.  An online store is not readily available, so you’ll have to book the room yourself to find out. Preferably, the presidential suite at Conrad Malta.

10. Fairmont Hotels

To keep up with the latest on sleep accessories, Fairmont Hotels redesigned their bed, sheets and all, six years ago. The luxury hotel has beds in stunning locations across the world and they are all plush and well-dressed.

Take this gorgeous bed and bedding home with you after your stay too. Their online boutique teases, “the sweet dreams you enjoy when you stay with us at Fairmont can now be had when it’s time to turn out the lights at home.”