These Are The 10 Best Black-Owned Food Places to Try In St. Louis
Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

These Are The 10 Best Black-Owned Food Places to Try In St. Louis

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Feb 4, 2022

The Gateway to the Midwest, St. Louis, MO is best known for its dedicated sports fans, being the birthplace of Josephine Baker, and, of course, Nelly. However, unbeknownst to most, St. Louis is also a goldmine for some of the best food in the country.

A true melting pot where culture from all over mesh into one taste, St. Louis cuisine is unique and like none other. Next time you visit the city, be sure to stop at one of these black-owned restaurants to cure your hunger and give your taste buds an experience like never before.

1. Jerk Soul


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A jerk infusion, carryout restaurant located in south St. Louis City, Jerk Soul is home to some of the city’s best Jamaican cuisine. Aside from the traditional beans and rice and cabbage, Jerk Soul does a great job at putting their own flavorful spin on dishes including the Asher’s Oxtails and Jerk Chicken Pizza. We love combining their Judah Jerk Wings with their Caribbean street corn to create the perfect, island meal. 

2. SistaGirl Sweets


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If you’re seeking out a food joint to grab a quick bite to eat with some mouth-watering desserts, SistaGirl Sweets is where you need to be. Located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, this restaurant is known for its amazing desserts including a variety of cheesecakes, banana puddings, and cupcakes. They also have an incredible food menu, with items like smothered turkey chops and fried salmon. Our personal favorite is their vegan burger which tastes exactly like a real beef patty fresh off the grill. 

3. Prime 55

With a new location recently opening in downtown, Prime 55 is definitely a must-try when visiting St. Louis. With their original location thriving in the Delmar Loop, this fine dining experience provides the perfect blend of eloquence and urban pizzaz. Although everyone loves the Sweet Glazed Lamb Chops at Prime 55, we also enjoy their shrimp and grits. Occasionally, the restaurant also offers special menu items like the pan-seared duck breast last summer. We hope they bring it back soon!

4. Bait St. Louis


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A prime spot for seafood in St. Louis, Bait provides the perfect ambiance for your seafood dreams. Much more than crab legs in a steamy bag, Bait is the five-star dining experience wrapped with traditional and exotic flavors. We love their Caribbean Red Snapper, served with slaw and yellow rice, as well as their amazing Stuff Lobster Linguine, which is stuffed with lump crab and shrimp. 

5. Turn Restaurant


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Turn Restaurant is an excellent place to visit if you’re seeking a sophisticated sit-down style restaurant with a savory menu. Their brunch menu is to die for with brioche french toast, freshly made beignets, and crab cake Benedict. One of our favorite things about Turn is their record wall, showcasing over a dozen iconic albums released by African-American artists both past and present.

6. Doggy Macs By Chef B’s

Another food truck turned brick and mortar, Doggy Macs By Chef B’s has some of the best street food in the city. From crazy delicious, juicy burgers, loaded nachos, and even Jamaican beef patties, Doggy Macs has everything your tastebuds desire. When you visit, be sure to try their signature gourmet hot dog The Doggy Mac- a grilled, all-beef glizzy topped with Chef B’s mac n’ cheese and applewood smoked bacon. 

7. Cajun Seduction


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If you’ve been searching for birria tacos, Cajun Seduction has every type of taco and dipping sauce you need. What originally began as a food truck, evolved into one of the city’s favorite brick and mortar food joints. What makes Cajun Seduction special is that they offer a little bit of everything while throwing their ‘Bourbon Street meets STL’ swag on each dish. We love their Bussin Birria Tacos (they also just introduced a gumbo birria taco to the menu) as well as their Sunday soul food platters which feature their delicious fried chicken. 

8. Gourmet Soul Restaurant & Catering

Gourmet Soul Restaurant & Catering is hands down the best soul food spot in St. Louis. Although their menu isn’t super extensive, they have signature dishes that shine bright on any plate. Gourmet Soul also partners with local chefs in the city, bringing custom popup menu items throughout the year. Our favorite menu items include the smothered pork chops, fried fish, their hearty greens, and hot n’ spicy wings. 

9. House of Jollof


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House of Jollof blends traditional African and American cuisines brilliantly with their eclectic menu. Their staples are rice bowls and wraps that combine your option of juicy meat with delicious Jollof and spiced vegetables. Aside from their jollof rice, we love their goat soup which is rich in flavor and bursting with meat chunks. If you are new to trying African cuisine, try their jollof rice bowl with the cheesy steak.

10. Marie’s Snack Shack

The perfect mix of restaurant favorites and corner store dreams, family-owned business Marie’s Snack Shack is more than just your average corner store. With all your candy store favorites including hot pickles, nachos, and old-school candies, Marie’s takes it to a new level by incorporating a plethora of amazing menu items including their salmon Philly, cajun pasta, and tacos. They have a full menu of grilled favorites including polish and glizzies and we love their grilled monster burgers.  

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