Looks like we’ll be able to order from our favorite bodegas in New York City through Uber Eats.

National Retail Solutions

Point-of-sale platform, National Retail Solutions, has teamed up with Uber to provide 30-60 minute delivery through Uber Direct.

Customers only pay a fee of $2.99 per order and retailers won’t be charged when deliveries are placed directly on the NRS’ BR Club ordering app.

NRS and Uber Giving Bodegas A Hand

Over 700 small grocers will begin delivering on the platform within the tri-state area and this could potentially expand to more than 20,000 locations.

“Since its inception, Uber has striven to make inroads providing accessibility and opportunity to underserved markets,” Jason McHale, Uber Direct managing partner, said in a statement. “Our partnership with NRS will give small, local bodegas and grocery stores an opportunity to expand their reach through delivery and make more money, which is something we all should be excited about.”

Delivery Apps During The Pandemic Couldn't Hang

Photo Credit: Cotton Bro

During the pandemic many companies that offered delivery services came and went. Apps such as Buyk, Getir, Joker, and Fridge No More only offer fast delivery from a limited number of grocery stores. Those are also being phased out. Getting replaced by existing delivery platforms that are now entering into the retail space. One example is DoorDash, which has over 75,000 non-restaurant retail stores in North America with very fast delivery. GrubHub has also recently added their GrubHub Goods concept back in February, which is delivering for over 3,000 retailers as well.

Bodegas Are The BackBone Of NYC Communities

Photo Credit: Clement Falize

New York City Council Member Julie Menin, head of the NYC Small Business Committee states that competition from ultra-fast delivery providers has hurt New York City’s bodegas.

“Bodegas and other small neighborhood stores are the backbone of every New York City community,” Menin said. “The influx of rapid grocery delivery companies over the last couple of years has put a strain on these retailers and threatened our small businesses. Uber’s partnership with NRS can provide relief by helping update critical technological systems and offering delivery that is free for the merchant.”

Grocery store owners state the program has helped them achieve something they could not do on their own accord.

“Not a lot of us have the time to create something like this and to do the marketing,” Nayeem Ghesani, who owns two New York City bodegas, told the New York Post. “And this is free.”