Rapper Young Thug Says He Was Kicked Off A Private Jet By A Racist Pilot
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

Rapper Young Thug Says He Was Kicked Off A Private Jet By A Racist Pilot

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Jan 13, 2022

Rapper Young Thug says he was kicked off a private jet by a racist pilot in Miami on Wednesday. The incident was live-streamed on his Instagram page in which Young Thug shows himself, fellow rapper Gunna and the rest of his team being removed.

According to the entertainer, initially, his friend Gunna was being kicked off the plane because his friends didn’t have proper identification. The person without the ID left the plane without incident. The pilots then allegedly refused to fly the plane after claiming someone in Young Thug’s entourage disrespected a flight attendant.

The rappers had a scheduled show in New York City before they were removed.

As the video continued, Thug asked the pilot why he was kicked off the plane.

“You know what you did,” the pilot responded.

“What we do?” Thug asked again.

“I told you,” the pilot replied, to which Thugger said, “What, you tell me?”

The pilot refused to answer that question.

The pilot warned that the cops were coming, to which the rapper reacted, saying, “I don’t care about a cop. We want the cops to come.”

That’s when the rapper accused the pilot of alleged racism.

“They said we disrespected him, we hadn’t disrespected anybody,” he stated. “His name is Alex. He’s racist, he’s disrespectful. We didn’t do anything disrespectful. We are not getting off this plane.”

“We don’t care how many polices you called, you can call 62 million polices, we don’t care, prick. We didn’t disrespect anybody. Alex, you racist. You mad ’cause we got money. Yeah, you racist ’cause we didn’t do anything,” the Atlanta entertainer added.

In response, Thug reiterated his claim that Alex is racist.

According to XXL Magazine, the police were eventually called and the pilot told the authorities that his crew, plus the flight attendant, were not comfortable flying the plane with the YSL artists onboard.

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