These Are The World's Best Nude Beaches
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Artur Debat

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Artur Debat

These Are The World's Best Nude Beaches

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Jun 27, 2023

The journey into the realm of au naturel sunbathing, particularly at nude beaches, is a liberating experience for many people. It allows them to connect with nature and feel more comfortable in their skin. Some even report feeling a sense of spiritual renewal while basking in the sun’s warmth without any clothing on.

Choosing the right nude beach for sunbathing can be challenging. Travelers should research local laws and find secluded areas where others are less likely to stumble upon their sunbathing spot.  

Pour Moi, a British multinational fashion retailer, has shared the top 10 nude beaches worldwide ideal for nude sunbathing. From the serene coastlines of Mykonos to the lively beaches of Brazil, these sandy destinations provide a secure and hospitable atmosphere for individuals who relish shedding their clothing.

10. Paradise Beach – Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach, as its name suggests, offers a stunning view of the clear blue waters, making it an ideal spot to cool off after basking in the sun for a few hours. Nestled within the beach’s premises lies a restaurant and coffee shop, providing a respite for beachgoers seeking to quench their thirst and cool off from the scorching summer heat.

9. Banana Beach – Skiathos, Greece

For those seeking to indulge in sunbathing sans swimwear, Little Banana Beach is the designated nude section that should be on your radar. Visitors can discover a charming bay that is highly frequented and boasts stunning waters, perfect for a refreshing dip. Nearby, there is a taverna where one can indulge in delectable Greek cuisine and enjoy a refreshing beverage.

8. Praia Do Abrico – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This beach allows nude sunbathing and provides a secure environment for nude beachgoers. It offers a chance to feel in harmony with nature while taking in the breathtaking views of its vivid waters. The beach rocks offer a sense of seclusion for individuals who are new to basking in the nude or desire to take cover from the weather while enjoying a nap under the sun.

7. Es Trenc – Mallorca, Spain

Tourists flock to the beach’s tranquil waves and stretch of white sand on the island’s southern coast. The naturist-friendly beach lets guests enjoy the surroundings and clear waves without swimwear. With such a large beach, everyone can sunbathe how they want.

6. Playa Zipolite – Oaxaca, Mexico

Playa Zipolite is Mexico’s only nude beach. This unusual beach offers a safe and friendly setting for guests to shed their clothes in a laid-back ambiance. Even before it was officially designated a nude beach in 2016, it was a popular site for nude sunbathing. Numerous naturists visit the beach because of its clothing-optional status.

5. Playa De Los Muertos – Almeria, Spain

The Levante region’s gateway to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar natural area has some of Spain’s most beautiful natural beaches. This spot is perfect for sunbathing, naked or not, with its lovely pearly sands and azure waters. Despite its difficult accessibility, the beach is one of the area’s most beautiful natural beauties and worth the extra effort.

4. Patara Beach – Patara, Turkey

The Turkish Riviera has approximately 11 miles of silky sand and crystal waters that tempt travelers to enjoy a refreshing plunge. For those seeking paradise and a chance to soak in its splendor, this beach is ideal. Surfing and horseback safaris are among the beach’s many pastimes. If they want to take a break from the sun, beachgoers have plenty of entertainment options.

3. Red Beach – Crete, Greece

For those seeking a private spot to sunbathe in the nude, this beach has an otherworldly appearance and is the perfect destination. The beach boasts remarkable red lava rocks that provide a unique shelter for sunbathers. In addition, nearby food options offer the opportunity to indulge in a satisfying lunch while taking a brief respite from the beach.

2. Praia De Tambaba, João Pessoa – Brazil

The gorgeous beach is open to everyone, with a clothing-optional policy for sunbathers. The crystal-clear seas and velvety white sand are perfect for sunbathing.

1. Haulover Beach Park – Miami, USA

Locals and tourists love this Miami beach, which offers much to do throughout the day or night. The beach welcomes everyone, although it has nudist zones for those who choose to strip down. Nude sunbathers are common on Florida beaches due to the year-round sunshine.

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