Woman Attacks Emirates Staff After Being Denied Boarding Over Expired Passport
Photo Credit: Stan Honda

Photo Credit: Stan Honda

Woman Attacks Emirates Staff After Being Denied Boarding Over Expired Passport

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Nov 14, 2022

A woman went on a rampage on November 1 at Mexico City International Airport. A video captured shows her yelling uncontrollably, throwing a number of items around, and jumping on counters. She even physically attacks an Emirates staff member.

What we know:

According to the New York Post, the agent denied the woman boarding for her flight when she arrived at the airport late with an expired passport.

The outraged woman climbed over the counter and attacked the airline employee, striking her. She then continued on her rampage, throwing several items, including computer equipment and items from a suitcase

An airport spectacle:

Airport employees attempted to calm the woman down as she stood on a check-in counter yelling. She ended up being detained by airport security as local police made their way to the airport.

“We can confirm that on November 1, an incident occurred at the check-in counter at Mexico City International Airport, in which a passenger who arrived late at the check-in counter was also discovered to be traveling with an expired passport,” Emirates said in a statement.

How it ended:

“The client was denied the trip, and she became rebellious and physically abusive with the ground staff — so it was necessary for airport security and police to intervene. The safety of our passengers and crew is of critical importance and will not be compromised.”

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