Woman Arrested After Spraying Fire Extinguisher At Atlanta Airport Staff
Photo Credit: Photo by Erik Mclean

Photo Credit: Photo by Erik Mclean

Woman Arrested After Spraying Fire Extinguisher At Atlanta Airport Staff

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jan 24, 2023

We’re not even a full month into the new year, but you know the foolishness couldn’t wait! Shocking footage posted by ATLSCOOP shows a woman meandering through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport with a fire extinguisher.

In one video, the woman removes the fire extinguisher from the wall and walks around with it. In another, she attempts to walk through secured doors in the Delta waiting area and sprays staff members who try to restrain her. People wondered why and how she was able to get away with all she did before finally being stopped.

It was a wild scene for all present. In the footage, other passengers are seen looking at the woman, filming her, and trying to move away from the plume of chemicals. The seriousness of the incident aside, folks let loose in the Instagram comments section.

Skinny Legend Chandler wrote, “I’m not going to lie. I would go grab some snacks while everyone was distracted. And I was incognito. But like ewwww. Ma’am. Wrong runway for the fog machine.”

You can view the videos here.

Who Was She?

The woman was later identified as Jennifer Holder. She is 27 years old.

According to Inside Edition, “workers approached Holder after she skipped out on her dinner tab at Buffalo Wild Wings.”

Moreover, “the Atlanta Police Department  responded to a report that a ‘suspicious female’ was attempting to open secured doors inside the airport.”

Some of those who were sprayed had to get medical treatment.

Business Insider said, “Three flight attendants were treated by emergency medical services after complaints of respiratory discomfort.”

Holder Continued To Act In A Bizarre And Violent Fashion

Even after her arrest, Holder was acting strangely.

Business Insider explained that “Police were able to apprehend the Ohioan despite her combative nature. She reportedly continued to exhibit erratic behavior in police custody.”

The behavior allegedly consisted of spitting at officers and kicking them.

Holder is being “held on a $19,500 bond and will be required to pay $3,150 in additional fees.”

Why Did Intervention Take So Long?

Some people on Instagram wondered why it took so long for real intervention to happen.

Others took the opportunity to crack jokes at the absurdity.

“All of that security at Hartsfield, and she still was able to fire off that extinguisher!” wrote youngbell80. “GBI, FBI, EBT, damn son where you at?”

Epic Flavors joked, “ladies and gentlemen may we introduce the newest member of the ‘No Fly’ list!”

“Ok so 1000 ppl are standing around filming her instead of taking the fire extinguisher out of her hands?” wrote Sean. “Got it.”

Vinny Dang wrote, “I really just can’t understand for the sake of God, why people go to the airport to cut up. Like, do they think they can just walk away after doing sh*t like this? Like…. baby… Clayton County jail tonight!”

“Take that Spirit Airlines behavior somewhere else,” Dascia wrote. “Y’all… we’re all aware of the privilege showcased in this video, and that unruly behavior has probably occurred on all airlines.”

“It’s the casual stroll for me,” wrote Lola le-soleil. “Like, who gon check my caucacity?”

“Nothing to see here, folks,” wrote someone else. “Just a regular day at Hartsfield LaToya Jackson Intergalactic Airport.”

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