This is the time of year we have all been waiting on. It’s wool season. We can pull out those containers and bags with all our winter clothes. With the cold weather coming early around the nation, you want to be ready and stay ready. Who wants to be cold? In the great words of Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” If you’re going to stay warm this winter, especially while traveling to visit your family and friends, wool is definitely the way to go. Check out some of these items from Amazon that are a must-buy. 

1. Cole Haan Women's Slick Wool Wrap Coat

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This powder blue wrap coat by Cole Haan is just what you need while hitting the blue skies. It has a soft feel to wear all day but is thick enough to keep you warm. The jacket has adjustable button closures, with a lengthy belt to keep it closed as tight as you like. Good-sized pockets to hold your phone and keys or keep your hands warm if you didn’t bring gloves. The most important part is it will keep you looking good and classy. It’s giving first lady vibes. You put it on and will have people stopping you to ask, Michelle Obama, is that you?

2. APTRO Women's Winter Wool Dress Coat Double Breasted Pea Coat Long Trench Coat

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APTRO was definitely looking out for you this time of year. With so many Christmas parties and holiday events, who wants to change every time they go to a different venue on the same day. This winter wool double-breasted dress french coat is the correct buy. You need some nice heels or stylish boots and are ready for your event. You will stay warm and look fabulous all at the same time. Throw on some leggings, a nice blouse, and some jewelry. No one would know that you’re wearing a  coat. Just don’t be tardy for the party. 

3. Women’s Winter Warm Knit Beanie Hat Touchscreen Gloves Long Scarf Set with Fleece Lined Skull Caps Neck

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All you need is your coat, and you will be all set for travel in the cold. This winter wool warm knit set is ready to set your fashion tone for your vacationing journey. The set fits every size and hand. Easy to put on and take off. One of the best features is you don’t have to take off your gloves and freeze your fingers to let your homegirls know you are on the way. Thanks to the sensitive touch screen gloves. The soft beanie is double-layered to let your head breathe while keeping it warm. Now depending on the hairstyle or how you want to rock the beanie, you can fold up the cuff. You can never go wrong in the cold having a lovely scarf.

4. Lanzom Women Lady Classic Wool Fedora Hat with Belt Buckle Felt Wide Brim Panama Hat

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Who said wool is only to be worn on your body? Step out right with style in this classic wool fedora. Its neutral color of tan could fit with most color combos. The hat will give that extra edge your outfit needs to have heads turning when you step in. It’s breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The brown belt buckle provides the hat with just the right flare to dress it up and match the shoe sitting in the back of the closet you have been waiting to wear.  

5. DKNY Men's Wool Blend Notch Collar Coat


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Every guy needs that one coat in the winter that keeps him warm and can wear with most things. Well, this is the coat that he needs. The jacket has the 3 buttons to close it all up or the choice to keep it open. There are nice pockets to put in that overstuffed wallet, the keys, and the cell phone. The jacket’s length allows you to wear it with a nice sweater and some slacks or jeans and a long sleeve. You will be ready for any occasion with this DKNY coat.

6. Pendleton Men’s Merino Wool Lounge Robe

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Every man should have a lounge robe in his wardrobe. It’s especially essential when traveling. You never know when you may have to answer the door unexpectedly or walk downstairs due to the hotel fire alarm going off. In any situation like that, you want to be presentable and covered. This wool fabric will also keep you protected from cold weather and wind. You can walk around and be hands-free thanks to the long belt that ties around your waist. There are also deep pockets to hold the remote, your phone, or your hand while the other holds a cup of joe. 



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