Willard InterContinental Introduces “I Have a Dream” Package to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C.

Willard InterContinental Introduces “I Have a Dream” Package to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 18, 2023

In a tribute to the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech delivered during the 1963 March on Washington, Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C. unveils the exclusive “I Have a Dream” package, paying homage to the night when King finished his historic address within the hotel’s lobby.

The Willard lobby served as the backdrop for an important chapter in American history. Martin Luther King Jr. and his advisors toiled for hours on the eve of the March on Washington. The March was held on August 28, 1963. There, amidst a serene enclave adorned with plants, Dr. Clarence B. Jones, a key political advisor to King, collaborated with the dedicated Willard team to provide a secluded space.

Within this sanctuary, King prepared the words of his historic speech. The historic moment resonated with 250,000 citizens the following day on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This address remains a cornerstone of societal change, while also etching its place as one of history’s most impactful.

Dr. King newspaper clipping
Photo credit: Willard InterContinental Washington, D.C

Inside The Martin Luther King Jr. Package

The package starts at $369 and is available for bookings throughout the end of August. The date coincides with this year’s March on Washington dates. The I Have a Dream package at Willard InterContinental ensures an opulent sojourn. Guests can indulge in sumptuously appointed accommodations, accompanied by an authentic replica of King’s speech and a keepsake book. To add to the experience, the package encompasses a delectable Mini Pecan Pie – a nod to King’s favored delight – and an exclusive turndown service, featuring the renowned “MLK Bedtime Story.”

Markus Platzer, the General Manager of Willard InterContinental, expressed his reverence, stating, “At Willard InterContinental, we take immense pride in upholding and commemorating the enduring legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. As we approach this significant 60th-anniversary milestone, celebrating the historic discourse that reshaped the world, Willard stands as a testament to its pivotal role as an observer and host to numerous transformative junctures in the tapestry of U.S. history.”

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