Will Smith Is Reportedly Taking His Talents To Africa, Here's Why
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Will Smith Is Reportedly Taking His Talents To Africa, Here's Why

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 27, 2021

Hollywood superstar Will Smith is taking his talents to Africa in February. The award-winning actor and rapper will reportedly visit Namibia to shoot a part of the second season of “One Strange Rock,” a National Geographic natural history and earth science documentary he hosts, as reported in The Namibian.

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Florence Haifene of the Namibian Film Commission told the outlet that a permit has been issued by the commission that would grant access for the film but further details have not yet been confirmed.


“All information is classified regarding that production, therefore the commission at this stage is in no position to provide you with information,” she stated.

Smith will reportedly spend 10 days in Namibia for filming and is expected to visit Namibian landmarks.

About One Strange Rock

Now in its second season, One Strange Rock “explores what makes Earth unique, how the planet can sustain life, and the fragile systems that keep it thriving,” according to the production company Nutopia. The first season of 10 episodes, hosted by Smith, was shot across 45 countries, six continents, and in outer space.

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