Translating to “Five Lands” in English, Cinque Terre is an iconic destination located along the Italian Riviera. Comprised of five villages, Cinque Terre is renowned for its vibrant homes, breathtaking sea views, and dramatic cliffs.

The five villages that make up Cinque Terre are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. These villages are known for their effortless rustic beauty, traditional way of life, and nurturing charm. Furthermore, Cinque Terre has become a popular tourist destination, attracting travelers from around the world. The region is also famous for its hiking trails that pass through gorgeous terraced vineyards and olive groves. By showcasing the agricultural heritage of the area, the trails are a great way to take in Cinque Terre’s natural beauty, making it the perfect place for breathtaking views, culinary delights, and overall Cinque Terre culture.

And though Cinque Terre is known for its gorgeous surroundings, it can be quite crowded during peak seasons, though the area is still just as fun and exciting to visit. So if you’ve been looking for a new place to travel to this summer, ahead are all of the best places to stay for an unforgettable trip.

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The Best Hotels And Neighborhoods In Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare


Monterosso is the largest and most resort-like village, making it a great place for travelers who are looking for a variety of experiences such as beaches, great outdoor scenes, and more. In Monterosso, you’ll find a range of hotels, guesthouses, and vacation rentals. It’s a beautiful place to stay with many options for all tastes.

The Best Hotels In Monterosso

  • Hotel Porto Roca: Hotel Porto Roca is a luxurious cliffside hotel with stunning ocean views, beautiful gardens, and private beach access for guests.
  • Hotel Villa Steno: Hotel Villa Steno is a charming boutique hotel with beautiful terraces and a relaxing atmosphere.


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Known for its stunning harbor and charm, Vernazza offers cozy bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and incredible guesthouses. For those seeking a romantic and intimate setting, Vernazza offers limitless amounts of fine dining options for the ultimate date night experience.

The Best Hotels In Vernazza

  • A Dèpa da Mun: A Dèpa da Mun is a cozy bed and breakfast offering warm hospitality to all guests.
  • Gianni Franzi: Gianni Franzi is a charming getaway place that’s a family-run guesthouse. With comfortable rooms and a central location, Gianni Franzi offers an intimate guest experience that is surely memorable.


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Perched on a cliff, Corniglia is a quiet village offering a serene experience. There are a variety of guesthouses and apartments available for those visiting and seeking a peaceful area away from crowds.

The Best Hotels In Corniglia

  • Il Maggiore: Il Maggiore is a charming hotel with a rooftop terrace. The hotel offers panoramic views of the village and the oceanfront, making it the perfect Italian oasis.
  • Affittacamere Le Terrazze: A warm guesthouse with comfortable rooms that provide a nurturing get away from home.



Boasting colorful houses and a relaxed ambiance, Manarola has a variety of family-run inns and charming hotels, many of which offer incredible sea views. With houses overlooking deep blue waters, Manarola is a romantic village that’s a must-see for anyone wanting to visit.

The Best Hotels In Manarola

  • Ca’ D’Andrean: Ca’ D’ Andrean is a traditional inn with a lovely garden terrace.
  • La Torretta Lodge: La Toretta Lodge is a cozy guesthouse with one-of-a-kind accommodations and is located in a prime location.



The southernmost village, Riomaggiore, offers a variety of traditional guesthouses to boutique hotels. It’s a great option for travelers who want to explore other villages in the area easily.

The Best Hotels In Riomaggiore

  • Hotel Villa Argentina: Hotel Villa Argentina is a historic hotel with comfortable rooms, a rooftop terrace, and beautiful oceanic views.
  • Cinqueterre Residence: Lovely apartments with a prime seafront location, providing a home-like sea experience.