What To Expect When You Book A Club Level Hotel Room
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

What To Expect When You Book A Club Level Hotel Room

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Mar 15, 2022

We’ve heard guests simply dismiss the idea of upgrading to the club level when it’s offered at check in. Other than paying for an upgraded hotel room, the clueless guest probably had no idea what to expect if they were to upgrade at their hotel.

While checking into the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, the receptionist asked if I wanted to upgrade for about $100. I’d discovered the club level just months before and loved the option at the smaller, less well known hotels. How could I pass this up at the Ritz-Carlton?! I couldn’t.

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I was pleasantly surprised. After all the food, wine ambience and great service— I’d say that it is worth the cost. It’s definitely a luxury hack. Let’s explore what you can expect when you upgrade to the club level during your next hotel stay.

1. Private Champagne Check-in

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If you reserve a club level room, you can often expect to be greeted with champagne and taken to a private area for check in. The Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver does just this when you arrive.

2. Club Members Area


A large space for members to gather for more than just food. Work, study and meet other guests in the designated members’ area(s). Some hotels have several that can include entire pool areas.

3. hors d'oeuvres


Not just hors d’oeuvres, either. Many club levels offer breakfast and lunch options as well. A few have offerings all day. The Ritz-Carlton has a themed hors d’oeuvre menu.

4. Wine and beer options


You can find a beer and wine list, not just unnamed red and whites. You can also find club levels with wine tastings and local craft beer selections.

5. A dedicated server/waiter/suite concierge


Depending on the hotel or resort, there will be an extra level of concierge service. Sometimes, you will have a concierge that is dedicated strictly to the guests in your suite. Other hotels offer a dedicated server in the members’ area.

6. An amazing view

What to expect when you upgrade to club level at hotels

The members’ area is generally on the top floor (or near it). There’s almost always gorgeous views from floor to ceiling windows that wrap around the side of the building.

7. Upscale Furnishings

What to expect when upgrading to club level at your hotel
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Of course, places like the Ritz-Carlton already have upscale furnishings, but some smaller hotels with a club level have an added heir of elegance. Comfortable wing back chairs. A light, yet warm color palette. Plush carpeting that your loafers will sink into. Artwork that is interesting and tasteful. The care that is put into some club level rooms and members areas is astounding.

8. Chauffer service


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Chauffeur service, or at least a black car to and from the airport, is generally complimentary when you are a club level guest. Other hotels also offer a complimentary car for you to take around town during your stay (with a maximum number of hours you can use it, typically two hours).

This amenity alone could make the upgrade to club level worth it.

9. Live Entertainment


Usually during happy hour, you can find a classical guitarist or pianist playing quietly in the corner as you enjoy your wine or champagne. Not at every hotel, but it is a nice touch when it is offered.

10. Laundry Service

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Hotels will offer laundry service with club level rooms. You can have a limited number of items laundered, or dry-cleaned. Look for the laundry bag, or ask the front desk person for details.


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