What is "The Burning Man"? And Why Did Tickets Sell Out in 29 Minutes
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

What is "The Burning Man"? And Why Did Tickets Sell Out in 29 Minutes

R. Peña
R. Peña Apr 2, 2022

The annual summer event held in the desert of Black Rock City, Nevada is back this year and Burning Man fans couldn’t wait for tickets to go on sale early Wednesday afternoon.

For those who aren’t familiar with Burning Man, it’s a nine – day gathering in the desert of over 70,000 participants who create a city of artistic expression, including installations, performances, and music. They bring tents and park their RV’s, and since money isn’t allowed to be exchanged, attendees offer their services for free, such as ziplining, massages, and wine tastings.  “Burners”, which is what they call the attendees of Burning Man do not book artists to perform, instead they encourage everyone who attends to perform for free.

Since COVID has put Burning Man on the back burner for the last two years you can believe the excitement for 2022’s event has been through the roof. In the first 29 minutes after the tickets were released online Wednesday at noon it was sold out at $575 a ticket.

Exactly when the tickets had sold out The Burning Man Project posted on twitter “All Main Sale tickets and vehicle passes are currently in purchase carts. Tickets may become available as people finalize their purchases.” But have no fear future Burners! It was only the main sale and there were only 10,000 tickets sold. That’s only 12.5% of the people that can attend and this year Burning Man has a permit that allows 80,000 people in attendance.

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Insiders feel this could be an “illusion of scarcity”. A marketing scheme to build up anticipation of the event and sell another round of tickets. Similar to how boutique brands make limited releases of products to drive their customers into a frenzy.

If you visit The Burning Man Project website you’ll find that there are discounted tickets available through the Ticket Aid Program, the OMG Sale on August 3rd, as well as their Secure Ticket Exchange Program which is their official resale exchange.

So if you’re looking to attend after reading this article, there’s plenty of time to make plans to live in the desert this year.

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