DC currently has the most monkeypox cases per capita. According to The Hill, health officials reported that as of Sunday, there are 122 confirmed cases of the pox virus. America’s capital city saw its first case early last month. 

In terms of total number of cases, DC ranks fifth in the country, behind New York (489), California (266), Illinois (175), and Florida (154), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) In total, over 1,800 cases have been confirmed in the US by the CDC, and over 11,500 across the globe.

More and more testing is being conducted, which will undoubtedly lead to the numbers continuing to increase. Through contact tracing, more than 459 additional contacts have been identified. 

According to the director of DC’s Department of Health, LaQuandra Nesbitt, data shows that 96 percent of all confirmed cases of monkeypox in the city have been in individuals identifying as male; 82 percent of cases have been in individuals identifying as gay. However, the virus is not limited to these people and has also occurred in individuals of other populations.

About 2,600 of DC’s approximately 8,300 monkeypox vaccine doses have been administered to eligible citizens. Mayor Muriel Bowser said 100,000 doses are needed to vaccinate the entire “target population.”

This population includes men who have sex with other men, individuals identifying as nonbinary and transgender who have sex with men, and sex workers or people of any orientation and gender who are employed at “establishments where sexual activity occurs.” 

The two-dose Jynneos vaccine is now available at two designated vaccination sites in the city by appointment. Tpoxx, an antiviral used to treat serious cases of the disease, is being distributed to local health centers.

According to the DC Health fact sheet, Monkeypox is spread through close and direct contact with sores, scabs, or bodily fluids of an infected individual.

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