Virgin Atlantic's 2023 "World's First" Net-Zero Transatlantic Flight From London To New York
Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic's 2023 "World's First" Net-Zero Transatlantic Flight From London To New York

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Dec 21, 2022

The net-zero transatlantic flight from Virgin Atlantic is dubbed as a “world’s first”. The flight will operate solely by waste oils and fats. It has been hailed as a step in the right direction for the aviation industry and sustainable off-setting efforts.

Virgin Atlantic will operate a Boeing 787 from London to New York fuelled entirely by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). According to the International Air Transport Association, SAF is an alternative to fossil fuels. It uses ingredients like agricultural waste and cooking oils which cuts carbon emissions by an average of 80%.

CNN reported that the airline is yet to confirm when the flight will take place but announced it will be at some point in 2023.

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Virgin Atlantic To Launch Net-Zero Transatlantic Flight:

What we know:

In a statement, Virgin Atlantic CEO Shari Weiss suggested “the research and results” of the pioneering 2023 flight “will be a huge step in fast-tracking SAF use across the aviation industry and support the investment, collaboration, and urgency needed to produce SAF at scale.”

The UK government contributed funds to this project. The upcoming flight itself also involved Boeing and rolls Royce for the engine-making. According to reports, Virgin’s 787 is installed with Trent 1000 engines, which Rolls-Royce says have previously been proven to fly with a blend of SAF and conventional jet fuel.

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