Watching TikTok videos can be hours worth of mindless scrolling, but it’s also a great search engine for travelers. In addition to learning real deal information about an upcoming destination or property you’ve never been to, the app is also full of recommendations for travel products. It can be tricky determining if a product is actually worth buying. There actually are some travel products on TikTok that are worth your hard earned money and perfect for your next trip.

Here are a few popular TikTok items that are actually worth adding to your cart.

Take OFF’s Carry On Suitcase

There’s no shortage of suggestions for the best carry-on bag for your next flight. One standout brand on TikTok has been Take OFF luggage. At first glance, this looks like any carry-on luggage, but the wheels are removable. It easily goes from a typical roller bag to an 18-inch personal item that fits under the seat of most airlines. This genius design has been a favorite among travelers who love to pack light and save on the baggage fees associated with budget airlines. 

Sea-Band’s Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband

For first-time cruisers who might struggle with a packing checklist, this item is perfect. The bands come in a pack of two and use the power of acupressure to naturally relieve nausea. With almost 30,000 reviews, shoppers report the bands work within five minutes. 

14-Pack Travel Bottle Containers

One annoying part of traveling with expensive beauty products is the pure frustration of having them spill all over your bag when you’ve transferred them into TSA-approved bottles. TikTok users and thousands of shoppers seem to give the stamp of approval to these travel products. The set comes with squeezable bottles for items, like body wash and lotion, and smaller containers for expensive eye creams or makeup. Besides being leakproof, travelers love that the bottles are easy to fill and clean. 

Yamadura Portable Refillable Perfume Atomizer

Fragrance Tok is a major thing with users sharing their collection of dozens of perfumes. Many have shared tips on how to travel with your favorite fragrance by using an atomizer. This comes in a 4-pack and the bottles hold enough spritzes of your favorite perfume so when traveling, you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty routine. Transferring a scent from a larger bottle to the small atomizer takes seconds and reviewers love this product for its portability and ease of use. 

riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Wheeling your suitcase through the airport while attempting to hold a cup of hot coffee or tea can be a recipe for disaster. It’s no surprise this simple, but useful product has been seen everywhere online. The design is simple. It has a bit of velcro, an opening for a suitcase handle and two cup holders. The holder attaches to a suitcase handle and is the perfect, stable base for coffee, water, tea and more. There’s also a zippered compartment in the back for small items. 

HNHMT Portable Door Lock & Door Stop Alarm

Safety can be a major concern for travelers, especially solo Black female travelers. Many have shared tips and devices like this alarm and lock set. The battery-operated door jam works by setting off a loud alarm if anyone attempts to open the door. There’s also a door lock that prevents most doors from being opened from the outside. These safety devices are compact and a favorite among solo travelers and nomads. 

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