The following contains language that may be considered offensive

An airline traveler has become an internet sensation for engaging in an dramatic altercation with multiple female passengers, making lewd remarks like “I’d kiss [her] tits” and provoking everyone to make him famous on the internet. In a video that had garnered over 3.7 million views by Wednesday, the flamboyantly attired passenger can be seen shoving his way through fellow travelers as they disembarked from a flight that had recently landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“I understand that we all are waiting, but that’s not how I work — I make the rules as I go,” the man in the gold-colored Kors jacket, grinning with pride, addresses the women standing near him.

“And guess what, I’m breaking ’em right now,” sporting a huge grin, he exclaims as he shoves the woman in front of him into a seat while forcing his way past her. This leaves another woman with a shocked expression on her face.

“Don’t be rude to me, because one thing I can do is be rude back to you, is what I can be,” he says.

“I didn’t push no-damn-body!” he yells of the caught-on-camera hostility that he blames on the woman “wanting to stand in the way like you’re a bodyguard.”

“Have a great day! I love you,” he then says, while blowing kisses to the women.

“And I kiss it more and more and more — and I’ll kiss your [expletive] too, babe,” he says.

Just “don’t tell me to kiss your [expletive],” he threatens, saying “it’s not worth it.”

“Because guess what: You think I look pretty, but the ghetto can come out of me, darling,” he warns, seemingly taking great joy in one of the offended women telling him, “I can see that.”

Offers To Buy Passenger Drinks

After colliding with the women, he shifts the blame onto one of them, although he offers to treat the entire group to drinks and lunch upon arriving at their destination in Charlotte, N.C. This offer is made despite his carrying a plastic bag that appears to be full of takeout leftovers.

Following a sequence of over-the-top chuckles, he shifts his focus to the individual who is recording his outburst, gesturing and sending kisses their way.

“I’m urban — I’m everything you don’t want me to be,” He asserts, raising his middle finger and directing his words to the woman who is capturing the incident on video: “[expletive] you and your camera, darling.”

Finally, he gets some consensus when he utters, “I’m such an [expletive], right?”

He retrieves his mobile device, seemingly oblivious to the fact that those in front of him had disembarked from the aircraft. He proceeds to allege that a woman had “assaulted” him by merely tapping him on the shoulder.

Passenger Shows No Remorse

The passenger, known as Courvosier Cox on social media, seemed to show no contrition after he was recorded shoving his way past fellow travelers to disembark from a flight in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“I’m here to not apologize to the motherf— at all. I am not sorry for any of my actions. My actions were intentional. Not only were they f— intentional, my actions were based on their actions and the way they treated me,” says Courvosier Cox.

“I am about to be boycotted by every white media outlet in America. They will be coming for me and let me tell ya, I’m all gas and I’m ready. But not only that, I just want to let you all know that I did what I did and I said what I did and I stand on what I stand,” Cox says.