If you need an excuse to spend the summer in Europe, we may have just found one courtesy of an unlimited flight pass from a small airline based in Norway called Widerøe.

Between July 1 and August 31, passengers can fly to 42 Norwegian destinations for up to three weeks using the Explore Norway unlimited travel ticket, which allows for as many flights as one traveler can handle within a certain timeframe. Tickets for the unlimited flights range from $435 for those that want to fly for just one week within one of Norway’s three zones, to $844 for three weeks of unlimited flights across all of the zones in the country.

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The best part? The ticket isn’t just valid for Norway. The unlimited flights ticket is valid for flights between Norway and Sweden, Denmark and destinations in the United Kingdom.

If you want to explore different Norwegian cities, the pass could prove to be both easy and economical for long getaway. Travelers can change their flight itinerary up to two hours before the flight departure for no additional cost, and depending on how many flights you take, the ticket could eventually pay for itself.

To learn more about the Widerøe Explore Norway ticket, visit the airline’s website here.

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