Pro-travelers have everything down to a science from scoring the best flight deals to packing a carry-on bag. However, even the most well-traveled person tends to overlook some travel essentials. One thing that should be in everyone’s airport outfit is compression socks.

Though most of people don’t put much thought into the socks, they’re pretty important for those long haul flights. Sitting for hours upon end can wreak havoc on your circulation. Compression socks help increase blood flow and minimize swelling. If you haven’t added compression socks to your list of travel must haves, here’s options from Bombas that will change your mind. 

Perfect for Long Flights

If you’ve ever hopped off a flight and noticed swelling in your legs or ankles, that’s probably due to poor circulation from sitting for an extended period. Bombas Performance Compression Socks has the perfect level of support. There’s a graduated level of compression that helps alleviate the swelling and soreness that often comes with traveling. The socks also can help reduce fatigue from walking or standing around for hours due to delays. 

The Bombas socks have a snug, but not overly tight fit in the calves and ankles. It also extends to the arch of the foot, due to the honeycomb design.

Stylish Airport Look 

Bombas has a range of prints and color ways available in their compression socks that combine fashion and function. The socks certainly serve a purpose, but the color blocking designs are a nice addition to any airport style. It’s the perfect combination of bold colors with neutral tones, like navy blue, black or gray. 

Ideal for Everyday Wear

Though compression socks are associated with travel must haves for those long flights, they can be a part of your everyday attire. If you have poor circulation or want extra support during an activity, these ankle compression socks from Bombas is a good option.

They have the same great compression as the knee-length variety, but in a smaller package. It is perfect for everyday wear. Some socks have an annoying stitch that runs along the toe of the sock, but not this one. The Seamless Toe design eliminates that results in extra comfort.

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