Watch Out For This Hidden Fee When Booking Uber Reserve
Photo Credit: Juan Barreto

Photo Credit: Juan Barreto

Watch Out For This Hidden Fee When Booking Uber Reserve

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Nov 9, 2022

You can reserve an Uber in advance when heading to the airport, but it comes with a hidden fee. Uber Reserve was first announced in 2020 and allows you to book rides up to 30 days and at least 30 minutes before you need them.

This option is great for travelers who like to plan their car services in advance instead of the day of. This feature also allows you to choose the specifics of your driver, like those who allow pets. 

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The extra fee

Everything about Uber Reserve sounds great until you book and see the additional cost. When booking, you’ll see a cost estimate, but after your ride, you’ll notice an additional fee. 

According to Uber, the fee depends on the type of ride you take and the city you’re in, among other factors. 

How does Uber Reserve work?

Riders can reserve a trip up to 30 days in advance with a minimum of at least 30 minutes in advance. Once you make the reservation, you’ll be able to see your request up to seven days in advance. Drivers will receive the request once a reservation is made. 

You will see a fee when making the reservation, which is a locked price. In that fare is the Reservation fee. According to Uber’s website, “The Reservation fee varies based on the ride type and what city you are driving in. The fare structure is the same. However, there is a minimum fare for all Reserve trips.”

So next time you book a trip, make sure to look at the Reservation fee to avoid any surprises.

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