Uber just released its inaugural Uber Yearbook. The ride-sharing app is celebrating 15 members of the Uber community. Categories in the yearbook include the driver with the most trips, the driver with the coolest car, and more. One of the couriers being honored is also a Sport Illustrated swimsuit model!

“We know that the Uber magic only exists because of our drivers and couriers, and we are committed to supporting and celebrating them at every turn,” says Carrol Chang, Global Head of Driver & Courier Operations at Uber. 

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022
Courtesy of Uber

Chang goes on to say, “With our first-ever Uber Yearbook, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the most inspiring people in the Uber community.”

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How drivers were chosen

Uber has spent the last few years refocusing on how to be more innovative for its drivers and couriers. The app’s goal is to be the best platform in the world for flexible work. There are doing this through new features such as showing drivers how much they’ll earn before accepting a trip, giving drivers more trips to choose from, helping drivers save on gas, and more. 

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022
Courtesy of Uber

The list of drivers honored in the Uber Yearbook was curated using Uber insights across each category. 

Meet the Uber Yearbook Class of 2022:

Coolest Side Hustle 

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022 Tanaye White
Courtesy of Uber

Tanaye White – New York, NY

Young At Heart

Barbra Watkins – San Jose, CA

Longest Tenure

Lazhar Bedri – San Francisco, CA

Most Trips 

Charlana Moses – Birmingham, AL

Best Music

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022 Michael Frye
Courtesy of Uber

Michael Frye – San Diego, CA

Beloved Community Member

Tammy Rivera – Memphis, TN

Funniest Driver

Terry Smith – Birmingham, AL

Most Deliveries

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022 Azukuike Onwumere
Courtesy of Uber

Azubuike Onwumere – Washington, DC

Most Champagne Deliveries

Debbie Baker – Miami, FL

Coolest Car 

Justin Layton – Las Vegas, NV

City Hopper

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022 Brandon Lacey
Photo courtesy of Uber

Brandon Lacey – Baltimore, MD

Most Tips 

Robert Moore – Asheville, NC

Highest Rating

Uber Yearbook Class of 2022 Fatou Cissokho
Courtesy of Uber

Fatou Cissokho – Las Vegas, NV

Greenest Driver

Loraine Williams – New Orleans, LA

Longest Trip 

Bruce Smith – Upstate New York 

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