Tyler, The Creator Unveils New Golf Le Fleur* Collection With Luxury Luggage
Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez

Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez

Tyler, The Creator Unveils New Golf Le Fleur* Collection With Luxury Luggage

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Dec 14, 2021

Tyler, The Creator is known for wearing multiple hats and this time, he is adding snazzy luggage designer to his range of talents. The 30-year-old rapper has been pretty open about his love for luxury suitcases, and recently released a colorful collection to the public.

If you love statement travel pieces that offer lots of space to bring all of your valuables, then Tyler’s neon accent suitcases and trunks are meant for you. In collaboration with London’s flagship travel decor company Globe-Trotter, Tyler, The Creator is bringing his colorful visions to life, and these leather goods appear to be as whimsical as possible.


The sturdy luggage pieces are secured with handles, straps, and protective gear that make them easy to carry However, the designer collection is at a higher price point with most items being over $2,000. The Golf le Fleur* line will also feature a plethora of travel accessories that will make global travel more appealing.

Photo Courtesy Of Luis “Panch” Perez

With a leather passport sleeve, luggage tag, and sticker box available for purchase to customize your travel style, Tyler is promoting stylish global travel for everyone. He acknowledges the fact that many travelers who reach international borders aren’t of his demographic, and he wants to compel more Black people to see the world.

With the pandemic interrupting the flow of worldwide travel, Tyler, hopes to re-inspire globetrotters to adventure around the world again.

His newest album, Call Me If You Get Lost is all about finding what luxury means to him. Realizing that luxury is self-defined and is found in the most special moments of daily life, for him traveling helps people find their personal luxuries much faster.

The suitcases have pastel accents with splashes of orange, blue, brown, pink, and green while the inside of the bag is lined with cheetah print. The entertainer is known for his loud fashion taste and unique musical identity that has captivated young fans all over the world, and now, many will have a piece of him while they travel.

Other items featured in Tyler’s luxury lifestyle brand, Golf le Fleur* are cozy cardigans, a floral French Waltz fragrance, a nail polish set, travel journals, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, leather loafers, and more.

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