Two people were found trapped for roughly seven hours after a small plane crashed into power-lines in Maryland. The crash happened on Sunday evening when the single-engine aircraft flew into high-tension wires near Goshen Road and Rothbury Drive. 

“[The two people aboard the plane] seem to be okay at this time, however, they’re in a very precarious situation due to the fact that they are dangling about 100 feet up and everything’s still energized,” Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Services chief spokesperson Pete Piringer stated from the scene. 

They promptly rescued the pilot and the passenger, though they both suffered severe trauma-related injuries as well as hypothermia. They were admitted to local trauma centres with non-threatening injuries. 

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane departed White Plains, New York and crashed into a powerline tower around 5:40pm Sunday. Read on to find out the full story.

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Mass outages and trapped passengers following small plane crash into powerlines in Maryland

What we know:

The collision itself left thousand of people in the region without power on Sunday night. The utility Pepco estimates that 120,000 customers were left without power as a result of the crash. Following this, it was confirmed that schools will be closed in the region on Monday.

Numerous videoas and images circulating social media show a small white plan dangling from a power tower. According to ABC News, the plane remained stuck in the transmission towers after 8pm.  

The cause of the crash wasn’t immediately clear. The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board have confirmed that they will investigate what happened.

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