Twitter has laid off their workers in their Ghana offices, which was their only headquarters in Africa.

Elon Is Making Cuts

Since the acquisition of Twitter by its new boss Elon Musk, it has been announced there would be mass layoffs in the organization. Their Ghana offices were just opened last year when Twitter stated they would like to be more “immersed” in Africa.

As reported to the BBC, there was no severance offered. Only that their current salary would be paid until the beginning of December. On November 4th, Musk tweeted that staff would be “offered 3 months of severance” when the news of mass layoffs had begun. However, it was not clear what offices he was talking about.

Employees Are Upset

“It’s very insulting,” according to an anonymous employee at the Ghana offices. Under local Ghana laws, employees must be given three months notice. Instead, Twitter has given these employees a notice of one month, “last day of employment will be 4 December 2022.”

“From the mail to the lack of next steps to the tone of the letter. Just everything. Ridiculously insulting,” the employee added.

Ghana staff found out about the layoff as they were trying to access their work emails. The last message was from Twitter, mentioning they had been laid off.

Twitter Tells Staff Not To Communicate With Anyone

Photo Credit: Asiama Junior

The message from Twitter also stated that no one should “contact or deal with any customers, clients, authorities, banks, suppliers or other employees of the Company and are required to inform the Company if contacted”.

Musk claims he had no choice but to cut down the workforce as Twitter was losing $4 million a day.