TUI Passenger Says "See You In Heaven" Before Trying To Open Plane Door
Photo Credit: confused_me, Pixabay

Photo Credit: confused_me, Pixabay

TUI Passenger Says "See You In Heaven" Before Trying To Open Plane Door

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Aug 18, 2022

A TUI flight has traumatized many as one passenger who was seen praying and consuming a cocaine-like substance tried to open the plane door – mid-flight. The incident occurred as the “intoxicated man” started making threats.

Reports show that the flight from Paphos to Manchester was already delayed for hours due to staffing problems. It was then forced to divert to Zagreb in Croatia due to the ‘disruptive passenger.’

Passengers abroad scared

Passengers abroad reported fear as the commotion could be heard from the back of the plane. After taking the substance that seemed like cocaine, the intoxicated passenger appeared to be praying on the floor before making chilling threats towards other travelers and cabin staff. 

Manchester Evening News reported that screams were heard throughout the aircraft as he attempted to open the airplane door. He was tackled by three passengers. 

One passengers recounted the moment : “He was getting on his knees and said ‘I will see you all in heaven’ then he went towards the door to try and open it before three of the guys jumped on him. There was screaming, crying and just blind panic.”

Passengers ashamed by the lack of support and communication by TUI

According to reports many passengers were left without communication following the diversion to Zagreb airport. Many reported sleeping on airport floors. 

“There was no water and no correspondence from TUI. We have just been left to our own devices. In the end they gave us 50 euros to buy some food but a lot of the shops weren’t open so it was a long time before you could get anything to eat or drink.

A spokesperson for TUI stated: “We’re very sorry to all customers impacted by the delay to TOM2731 and subsequent diversion due to a disruptive passenger.

“The health and safety of our customers and crew is always our highest priority and due to a disruptive passenger the flight was forced to divert to Zagreb, Croatia. The passenger was offloaded, was met by Police, and will not travel with TUI when the flight departs later today. We take a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on our flights.

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