6 Things Travelers Need to Know Before Visiting Ecuador
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Stephanie Frias

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Stephanie Frias

6 Things Travelers Need to Know Before Visiting Ecuador

Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Aug 21, 2023

South America emerged as a compelling draw for globetrotters seeking new horizons. Among the countries gaining momentum in this wave of exploration, Ecuador is ascending the ranks of desirable destinations.

Renowned for its vibrant city of Quito and the iconic Galapagos Islands, Ecuador boasts a unique climate with two distinct seasons. As the allure of this captivating nation beckons, Travel Noire is here to offer a collection of insightful tips before you add Ecuador to your travel agenda.


The initial week in Quito, Ecuador, might bring on chilly temperatures and potential illness if one overlooks the altitude shift. Situated almost 8,000 feet above sea level, Quito’s dramatic elevation change can trigger altitude sickness. For those arriving by air, a cautious approach is advisable.


Ecuador emerges as a global biodiversity hotspot, boasting remarkable natural diversity. The nation hosts a staggering 23,056 taxonomic species of flora and fauna, encompassing 6.1 percent of species worldwide. This exceptional richness stems from Ecuador’s strategic geographical, atmospheric and climatic position.

With its unique location, Ecuador’s tropical ecosystems epitomize Earth’s biodiversity. Despite its modest land area, Ecuador hosts an extraordinary share of life. It offers an enchanting realm for nature enthusiasts, harboring an impressive array of 140 hummingbird species. Ecuador’s species diversity often surpasses that of both the United States and Canada.

Backpacking Country

Ecuador emerges as a prime contender for effortless backpacking adventures in the Latin American realm. The backpacking circuit offers a myriad of no-cost or budget-friendly pursuits across its diverse array of approximately twelve destinations.

Eager backpackers find themselves immersed in a treasure trove of experiences without breaking the bank. The trail beckons with a tapestry of captivating activities, and each locale promises an array of economical options for exploration. A vibrant community of North American and European expatriates enriches the English-speaking milieu in many urban centers.

How to Drink Beer

The cap of a beer bottle takes a swift plunge to the ground. It’s a casual move executed indoors or outdoors with practiced ease. Yet, this innocuous act contributes to a notorious phenomenon.

Photo credit: @Gerrie-Van Der Wait

Mastering the art of the local beer drinking custom demands finesse. It hinges on collective action, disregarding the size of the group, around the esteemed emblem of the glass. A mammoth shared beer bottle takes center stage, fostering camaraderie as its contents circulate. As the initial bottle’s effervescent liquid wanes, a fresh bottle takes its place, ensuring the revelry persists.

The weekend introduces a distinctive spectacle as crates of beer unleash their bounty. The inaugural crack of a few bottles from the crate sparks the celebration.

Menestros Del Negro

Photo credit: Menestros Del Negro

Menestras Del Negro, an omnipresent chain restaurant, becomes an indelible image once it crosses your path. The establishment holds its own in Ecuador’s culinary landscape. Within the local context, the moniker “Black Man’s Stew” is not inherently derogatory, but rather illustrative.

Everyone’s A Taxi

Locals with cars seamlessly transition into impromptu taxi drivers to pocket some supplementary earnings, particularly when tourist foot traffic peaks. Venturing into these quieter locales often yields safety, especially when contrasted with bustling urban centers.

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