Travel Nurse's Viral TikTok Warns Of This Area In Georgia
Photo Credit: pexels-ron-lach

Photo Credit: pexels-ron-lach

Travel Nurse's Viral TikTok Warns Of This Area In Georgia

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Sep 12, 2022

A recent viral TikTok warns of this area in Georgia and has taken social media by storm. A travel nurse and TikToker (@_nurseblue) shared that medical professionals want people to stop visiting Lake Lanier. The video which uses humor to express her point, states the top three places to stop visiting in Georgia – all of them are Lake Lanier.

The video currently has 471.8K views and over 43K likes. Many residents of Georgia, or the States in general, shared their experience of this pivotal Lake.

In the viral TikTok, the nurse can be seen in scrubs walking through a medical practice or hospital. She doesn’t initially express why Lake Lanier is on the list but many in the comment section shed some light…

The viral video:


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Many commented in agreement with the statement. One TikToker stated: “Why are people so drawn to Lake Lanier? Like all these stories of people not making it out should be enough to not go there” (@kreolekitty). This must be in reference to the multitude of boating accidents or freak drowning accidents that occur regularly on the Lake.

Another comment by (@jf2575) read “Long live Oscarville!!!” in reference to a historic Black town which is now underwater at the site. There is a painful history of ethnic cleansing which forced many out. Some believe that this energy is felt around the lake. Someone else mentioned the “Facts!! Them spirits vengeful at Lake Lanier” (@shonadavis529).

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ‘In June, three people died in one week when they drowned in one of Lanier’s 20 designated swimming areas.’

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