For many travelers, the journey is fun but the packing is an absolute nightmare. You want to take stuff to keep you organized, sail through security, and avoid the dreaded overweight charges.

As you prepare to map out your future vacation plans, and in honor of National Plan A Vacation Day (Jan. 26), we wanted to share some packing must-haves from a few globetrotters.

Travel Noire recently spoke with these 8 travel influencers to find out what makes the cut when packing.


Vlogger and content creator Cinelli, who is based in the Helen of the West Indies, likes to maximize every square inch of her luggage before jetting off to her next destination.

“Everyone should try packing cubes. They make packing so easy, save so much space, and are incredibly helpful with staying organized on your trip.”

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One look at this island beauty’s IG tells you she is a water baby through and through. So it’s no surprise that her swimsuits are at the top on her packing list.

“My must-have items for packing are swimsuits. I’m usually taking a tropical vacation somewhere in the Caribbean, so I can’t leave home without them!”

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Dev Walker is always on the go. When she’s hopping from country to country, she relies on her trusty portable charger to keep her devices up and running.

“My portable charger is a must for me. Whether it be content creation, GPS, texts, etc, I’m always draining my battery and this charger helps ensure that I’m always connected. It has three ports, so I can charge my phone and camera batteries at the same time while fitting comfortably in my purse. It’s been a lifesaver on multiple occasions.”

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Ianthia has been everywhere from Accra to Rio de Janeiro and slays all day in multiple looks. She shares her secret to her solo fashion shows.

“My one must-have travel item is my mini duffle bag! I pack it daily with different outfits and change clothes up to three times each day to match the activity, event or adventure. This helps me capture a ton of pics in varying looks, that way my trip lives on forever.”

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Crista loves to travel but more importantly, she loves her carnival. This is why she likes packing something to keep herself organized on the road before heading off to play mas.

“One of my must-haves for traveling (more specifically for carnival) are my Carnivalista pouches. There are different variations (thigh bag, waist bag). They’re extremely durable, easy to clean, and can fit my phone, keys, ID, debit/credit card, lipgloss, hotel key/card, charger, and even sometimes a portable charger. I literally use it for everything even during workouts, excursions (i.e. ATV rides) so I can be hands-free especially on the road in a costume or at J’ouvert.”

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Dee often travels to her home country of Dominica. She loves being able to take drool-worthy photos from a distance.

“As a travel influencer, my must-have item when I travel is my tripod. I am constantly trying to capture my environment and I don’t always have something to help me do that so having my tripod with me makes content creation a bit easier. I use it for taking pictures of myself and for vlogging.”

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Molaka and her husband Ty love going on adventures with their young son. So her fave item keeps her little one calm during their travels.

“Our must-have item is Banz earmuffs ear protectors. They work wonders for ear pressure on flights during takeoff and landing. They are also outstanding for noise reduction during events indoors and outdoors.”

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During Roobens’s year as a full-time solo traveler, he carried a special case with him.

“I can’t live without my small travel case for electronic accessories when traveling. It’s a useful case allowing you to store all your electronic accessories and cables (external hard drive, chargers, headphones, memory card…) in one place. Plus it’s light and easy to carry.”

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What are some of your must-have travel items?