Travel Enthusiast Khloe Summer Launches New Brand To Introduce More Black Women to Luxury Travel
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Khloe Summer

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Khloe Summer

Travel Enthusiast Khloe Summer Launches New Brand To Introduce More Black Women to Luxury Travel

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Apr 27, 2023

Khloe Summer is a digital creative and travel influencer. Her new brand, Curated By Khloe, is taking strides in ensuring Black female travelers tap into luxury travel vibes. The brand is inviting women from around the world to indulge in the best of the best when seeing the world. Encouraging ladies to reach beyond “Instagramable moments,” Curated By Khloe is redefining what Black Girl Luxury means in the travel industry. 

The brand’s founder is no stranger to exploring luxury destinations. A native of Baltimore now residing in Miami, Summer has visited 44 countries and 25 states within the US. No matter if the trip is international or domestic, luxury is always at the top of Summer’s itinerary. 

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Photo credit: of Khloe Summer

Unfortunately, luxury isn’t a space Black women have always been accepted in. Due to segregation and socioeconomic racism, many women of color were not accepted in luxury travel spaces. This led to the creation of Black-owned resorts like Bruce’s Beach in California. 

“It’s super important for Black women to feel like they have access to Black luxury because, for a long time, [we were told] we couldn’t have it,” said Refinery29‘s Unbothered brand partnerships lead, Sandy Pierre. “We hold space, we take up space, and we make luxury [whatever] we want it to [be].”

Now Black women are a rising force in travel space. Their experiences are being documented across social media platforms and influencing travelers from all walks of life to turn up the luxury notch on their travel experiences. Summer’s brand is a new piece of the legacy of defining how Black travelers take up luxury travel spaces. 

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Photo credit: Khloe Summer

This year, Curated by Khloe is helping Black women live their best lives with its first sold-out Girls Retreat in St. Lucia from July 27th to 31st. The event sold out in 36 hours. However, it is the first of many retreats and travel experiences curated by the luxury travel enthusiast. 

Sponsored by Belaire Rose, the retreat includes four days of sisterhood-building exercises, fellowship, and luxury fun. Believing that luxury travel can transform and broaden the lens of visitors, Summer hopes her curated experiences will have a positive impact on women as they find their place in the world.

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