Rainforests praised for their lush landscapes of beautiful trees and flowers. Here are just a few ways to enjoy them:

1. Snorkeling: Consider a day tour that includes a cruise and snorkeling. Snorkeling provides a way for you to exercise and view marine life up close and personal.

2. Scuba Diving: Enjoy the plant and animal marine sights via scuba diving. Many tours include scuba lessons and equipment in the cost of the tour.

3. Helicopter Tour: There’s also the option of taking an aerial view. Whether you fly the aircraft yourself or allow a personal pilot to be your guide. You’ll enjoy a uniquely intimate perspective of the beauty of the rainforest.

4. Native Community Touring Want to see local crafts being made or enjoy a traditional dinner from a eatery made by locals? Throw on your comfortable shoes and clothes on and head out on the landscape. Purchase a tour or go exploring near your dwelling spot and get lost–happily.

5. Hiking: This option will bring you under waterfalls and canopies of cooling leaves. It will also inspire games of hide and seek during which you will find orchid varieties, interesting insects, and birds.

Some of the best rainforests to visit include the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil and the Emas National Park and Chapada Dos Veadeiros of Brazil. You can also look at the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland for rainforest fun.