The Votes Are In: The Top 12 Destinations TN Readers Have On Their List In 2022
Photo Credit: wagnerokasaki

Photo Credit: wagnerokasaki

The Votes Are In: The Top 12 Destinations TN Readers Have On Their List In 2022

Colombia , Egypt , Ghana , Tulum , Mexico , Seychelles , Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Jan 28, 2022

We asked our Travel Noire family to share the destinations they have their eye on for 2022, and it’s given us new locations to add to the 2022 travel mood board.

These stunning destinations for Black travelers range from all over and feature some expected spots and many surprises. It’s official, Black travel in 2022 is going to be unreal.

Here are the top 12 destinations you all shared as the ones on your 2022 bucket list.

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has secured the number one spot in the hearts of Black travelers, again. With a boost of luxury travel experiences and the world’s first  African food hall opening in the city, we don’t predict this vibrant Middle-Eastern treasure will fall far from Black travel lists anytime soon.

2. Seychelles, Africa

In case you didn’t know, this year in the world of Black travel, luxury looks like this: taking in all that sunny Seychelles has to offer on the edge of the crystal clear ocean.

Seychelles sits gloriously high on the list for Black travelers this year. If you’re looking for natural wonders, the world’s very best beaches and a look at Creole culture, then Seychelles awaits.

3. Ghana, Africa

Ghana is getting more and more love from Black travelers looking to make their way back to the continent. The West African country has welcomed the diaspora and those looking for meaningful trips full of connection and networking with Black travelers from all over the world.

Looks like 2022 will be another year of rich history, drinking fresh from coconut’s on Ghana’s golden sand beaches and an Instagram feed full of Accra nights.

4. Egypt, Africa

We’re definitely not tired of the pyramids or the desert treks, at all. Egypt scored impressively amongst Black travelers, but who didn’t see that coming?

Travelers heading to Egypt this year also have the brand new Egyptian Museum in the heart of Giza to add to their itenary.

5. Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is a huge country, with an endless blend of cultures, landscapes and architectures, but even in 2022 Tulum tops the list for Black travelers.

With an increasing amount of Black Expats setting up on this particular section of the Yucatán peninsula, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hit.

6. Colombia, South America

Colombia has a specific charm that most Black travelers cannot seem to resist. This year is no exception. Black travelers are packed and ready to fly out to enjoy the African-dense neighborhoods, the sway of Cartagena’s beloved barrios and the atmosphere that keeps giving.

7. Senegal, Africa

We aren’t surprised that the serenity and quiet magic of Senegal has charmed Black travelers worldwide. Senegal is a favorite amongst travelers looking for a peaceful, laid-back West African country with the chic and glamorous city life that gives a whole new energy to the West African coastline.

8. Jamaica, Caribbean

Not Jamaica being your all-time favorite Caribbean refuge and slice of island life… Who isn’t contemplating starting a whole new life in the lush of the land of reggae, rum and rivers?

Black travelers understand that life is better with a Juici pattie in one hand, a Red Stripe in the other while you watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea. Perfection.

9. Zanzibar, Tanzania

We understand. Tanzania is a hard-to-ignore gem on the continent, and Zanzibar is the African island that is as luminous as it is exciting.

The plentiful country has Black travelers curious, relocating, or planning group trips to experience the white-sand beaches together.

10. Greece, Europe

Of course, Greece made the list. Black travelers are headed to Europe this year to check out what there is to actually see in Santorini and to enjoy the chic vibes of Athens.

Not only that, but visiting Greece means picture opportunities for days, which truly completes the trip.

11. Paris, France

It seems that Black travelers can’t get away from the timeless beauty of the Parisian life. The city made its way on the list not only for the romance of the classic European ambiance, but also (dare we say mainly) for the African-owned businesses, culture and vibes that have woven their way into the culture. Oui love to see it.

12. Kenya, Africa

2022 is the year for exploring all corners of Africa, that seems to be the message as Black travelers look to Kenya for their East African vacation vibes.

Kenya, officially the best place to experience a world-class African safari, has found a special place in the diaspora’s heart. Catch us soaking up pure sun, enjoying one of Africa’s finest art capitals and feeding new giraffe friends all 2022.


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